2019 AVN Show

I just got back from Las Vegas where I have spent a week every January since 2008 for the AVN Awards week. The first time I ever went, I went without any clients or plans and got a ton of great photos and it turned into a yearly trip that I have covered for dozens of outlets including Village Voice, LA Weekly, Playboy and Vice. But this year was a little bit different, between making my plans last second and my girlfriend being nominated for a bunch of awards (she also presented one) I decided to skip photographing the awards and just go as my girlfriend’s date.

(I did shoot a little video of Cardi B performing at the awards that ended up on Yahoo & Complex.)

We have a long distance relationship so I figured it would be a great chance to spend some time with her and shoot a bunch of photos, so while she was signing autographs I was shooting the AVN trade show which is now called AVN Show or the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo instead of just the Adult Entertainment Expo.  None of that matters but I got a bunch of photos from the show for you to look at if you want.

I also did a bunch of random photo shoots in hotel rooms along the way and I will get at least some of that stuff up this week as well. A few of the shoots are proper full sets that I will release on their own later, but I will pull highlights of them and all the photos from the quicker shoots into one update ASAP.

Oh, I should also mention that because I wasn’t working for any clients other than you guys, I kinda half assed it this year as far as the convention coverage. I still came out of it with over 100 decent photos, but honestly I was more interested in seeing old friends and playing with my new camera than I was doing a good job of covering the convention from an editorial standpoint.

Anyway, there are a bunch of photos here and they are pretty NSFW. Oh, and if you want to see them in higher resolution I decided to upload them to Girls of Driven By Boredom which I normally don’t do for event coverage but this seemed like a pretty good exception to that rule.

Now click here to see all my photos from the 2019 AVN Show in Las Vegas, NV.

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Angela White

2019 AVN Show

Kissa Sins

2019 AVN Show

Ginger Banks & Ivy Wolfe

Riley Reid

Tiffany Watson & Cadence Lux

Abigail Mac


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