Claudia Cho

I met Claudia Cho ages ago via Twitter when my friend OJ introduced us. He said that we should shoot and we talked about it but then ages passed and it never happened. At some point she actually got banned from Twitter (multiple times) because she’s just totally vicious in like a reality show villain kinda way which is actually the main reason I enjoyed following her on Twitter. Once she got banned I sort of forgot about her (not completely, I still followed her on Instagram) since we had never actually met in real life and that’s just how the internet works, but then suddenly she appeared in the flesh.

The same mutual friend OJ got married last summer, and I recognized her waiting at the bus stop (they got married on a bus!) and said hi. She told me she was staying at this weird hotel in Greenpoint and we made plans to shoot before she left town again. I came over there late the next night and she was partying with some friends but they didn’t seem to mind too much when we did a naked photo shoot in front of them.

There’s some sexy photos of Claudia out there but I think this is actually the first real naked photo shoot Claudia has ever done which is kinda awesome. I didn’t really love the lighting in the place we were shooting and if you know anything about me I am too lazy to color correct shit, but you know what? If you want to see some photos of Claudia naked it’s just something you are going to have to deal with.

Also, I should mention that these photos (plus some bonus butt shots) have been available on Girls of Driven By Boredom for a minute. I wanted to post something on there for the subscribers before I went to the Galapagos and then I had a bunch of stuff to post before I got to this update. So you should probably sign up for Girls of DBB. I always post stuff in advance there, the pictures are always in higher resolution and there’s a ton of exclusive stuff like the huge gallery of 35mm photos I recently posted. Just saying

Now click here to see a bunch of naked photos of Claudia Cho!

Claudia Cho Nude

Claudia Cho Naked

Claudia Cho Naked

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