Kasey Warner & Snacks

So remember those Jillian Janson photos I just posted? These photos of Kasey Warner came out of that same pile of lost 2016 photos. I am trying to get all the lost stuff up and I think there’s only one more gallery from that trip so we are making a pretty good dent in the recently discovered galleries. I still have a couple things from 2013 too which is insane, but none of that matters right now. Let’s get to Kasey!

I met Kasey Warner at an AVN Nomination party and we pretty much became friends instantly. The next day I went over to her place and photographed her in her backyard with her puppy Snacks. Since then, I have actually stayed with her in LA twice, and she crashed with me when she came to NYC. I have done multiple photo shoots at her place and I even met my girlfriend when I was hanging out with Kasey. She’s quickly become one of my favorite people. (I cannot say the same thing about Snacks… he peed on my couch and then bit me when I tried to move him off my couch. There was a wild amount of blood for such a tiny animal.)

Anyway, I don’t have much more to say and I gotta pack cause I am leaving the country tomorrow, but just know that Kasey rules. You can also buy a copy of my book signed by her and a bunch of other porn stars and if you want to see slightly more R rated photos from this shoot you should probably sign up for Girls of Driven By Boredom. And now go look at photos…

Click here to see all the NSFW photos of Kasey Warner and Snacks!

Kasey Warner

Kasey Warner

Kasey Warner

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