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Here’s my final AVN week update for a while. This tends to be a popular one: Girls of AVN.  When I first started covering the AVN Awards I was mostly there to find people to take photos of, but it quickly became my beat and I have covered it for dozens of different outlets. I still would shoot photos for my website while I was there but I was mostly working as a journalist. Then a few years ago, I pitched Hustler on the idea of doing a “Girls of AVN” article that would be sort of half behind the scenes and half just naked photos of porn stars. I did that for a couple of years, and then shot a similar thing for director Greg Lansky using his models. That year and last year I shot a behind the scenes thing for Vice and the sort of sexy BTS galleries continued.

This year things were a bit different. My main gig was for Playboy which meant I had a bunch of free time to shoot my own stuff. I figured I had to do another Girls of AVN gallery just for my own website, but I also was with my girlfriend who lives thousands of miles from me, so I wanted to spend a lot of time hanging out with her. I think I found a good balance and shot a handful of mini-sets specifically for this gallery and then I also did a couple full photo shoots as well.

Okay, so let’s go through everything!

The first shoot I did was with my friend Jade. She designs lingerie and set her room up as a trade show booth which was pretty cool, but it made the room really dark because she had covered the windows. I didn’t bring my flash on day one because my plan was just to get my credentials and do a quick pass of the convention, but then I ran into Jade and had to do something quick with her. So basically there wasn’t nearly enough light to shoot her, but we managed to get some shots and I shot a ton of 35mm stuff with flash. She also had some friends hanging out in the room with her so I shot her with Aubrey Cyles who goes by ScummmyKitten. Their friend Mary Wana decided to jump in after that and we got some fun stuff like my new press photo. The photos in this gallery are pretty mediocre because of the light, but these girls are babes and the 35mm stuff should be awesome.

The next day I did a shoot with Evelyn Claire. I met her on Twitter a few months ago and I was really excited to shoot with her. I am actually pretty happy with the results of this stuff and we actually spent some time shooting so this is going to be a full gallery coming soon. For now I just gave you about 10 photos from the shoot as a little preview of what’s to come.

Up next is a super quick shoot I did with Cassidy Klein. I met her at AVN a few years ago and I just think she’s a great human. We were killing time waiting for my girlfriend to meet up with us and we decided to shoot some photos on the parking deck of the Hard Rock. I’ve shot up there so many times and I have done just about everything I can on that roof, but when we got up there we found a white hearse! It seemed like we had no choice but to shoot in front of it. The funny thing is that right as we were finishing up a second hearse pulled up and started honking at us. It turned out the person driving the hearse was a friend of mine and they had sort of a Vegas hearse crew because of course they do.

Next up are some photos I am actually really excited about. I had a cam girl stop me on the trade show floor, she flipped over my badge and said “I knew I recognized you!” She told me her name was Raya but she goes by WhiskeyKitten online. I knew exactly who she was after that and I had been wanting to take her photo for ages. She introduced me to her roommate for the week, another cam girl named Goldie Fawn. We made plans to shoot that night and when I got to their AirBnB I was amazed by the space. I took some photos of them getting ready and then we shot some weird stuff on their bed. At some point they mentioned wanting to shoot on the balcony that overlooked the city. I didn’t think it would work without a light and they suddenly pulled out one of the lights they used for camming and it actually worked perfectly. I am gonna publish all that stuff as its own stand alone gallery so I decided to just post the random shots we took before we shot on the balcony here as a preview. I think you are gonna dig this stuff and I can’t wait to see the 35mm stuff we shot. I ended up shooting them for about two hours when I had originally meant to do the whole thing in about 20 minutes!

Lastly, I got a handful of shots of my friend Cadence Lux. One of these days I am going to do a full shoot with her, but this is the second mini-shoot we have done in Vegas. We had a whole shoot planned when she lived in Philly but then she had to go fall in love and move to Denver with her boyfriend, but I forgive him because he shot my Christmas card for me. Anyway, on the last day of the convention I got breakfast with Cadence and a few other girls and we both had some time to kill so we did a quick shoot in her hotel room across the street. Cadence was half asleep without makeup and just chilling in her room smoking. It’s kinda the exact type of thing I love to shoot. Real life. We didn’t shoot a ton but I think we got some nice shots.

Anyway, this gallery is not as massive as some of my Girls of AVN in years past but there’s still 70 photos in this gallery and there’s another dozen photos on Girls Of Driven By Boredom. I shot some more explicit stuff of Jade, Cadence and Evelyn so I figured I would give you guys that stuff over on the pay site. As always photos over there are in high resolution and usually uploaded a day earlier than the free images on here.

Now click here to see all the NSFW 2018 Girls of AVN photos!

Jade Creates

Evelyn Claire

Raya & Goldie Fawn

Cassidy Klein

Cadence Lux

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