2018 Adult Entertainment Expo

The AVN Awards/ Adult Entertainment Expo weekend has become one of the yearly events I cover without fail, but this year was a little bit different. Playboy was my only client this year,¬†instead of a bunch of smaller clients, so I didn’t really have to shoot the AEE or the AVN Awards. I also am dating someone in the industry so instead of staying out until 5am shooting weird shit in the middle of the night and trying to hang out with random porn girls I just watched the entire first season of the Wire with her instead. It was great.

That being said, I really half assed it on my coverage of the AEE (and didn’t even shoot the actual awards) because I was just shooting it for myself. The first day of the convention I mostly just went down to get my pass and say hi to everyone. Day two I spent a little more time shooting the awards, but I also did some actual photo shoots which was sort of my priority. Day three and four I was shooting my stuff for Playboy so I didn’t really get much AEE stuff at all except for when I happened on the Greg Lansky booth and he was throwing money in to the crowd.

Long story short, this gallery is under 100 images and most of the people I took photos of are friends of mine. Still, there’s some nice stuff in here and congrats to Tori Black on her 2018 Vixen Angel of the Year award which is what the throwing cash into the crowd was all about. Also aside from $2 in cash, I also caught a free subscription to Vixen so the first person to¬†email avn@vixen.com with code KGXCOF wins a free Vixen account. Merry Christmas.

So yeah, small AEE gallery, but I also have a quick gallery coming from the Wood Rocket 5 year Anniversary party and I got a “Girls of AVN” gallery that will be up soon. Plus I did a few photo shoots I am pretty excited about so assuming this Playboy article runs soon, it was a pretty damn productive weekend even if I spent most of my time in bed. Be back soon with more AVN stuff!

Click here to see my photos from the 2018 Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas.

2018 Female Performer Of The Year Angela White

Charity Crawford & Evelin Stone

Tori Black 2018 Vixen Angel

Jade Creates

Phoenix Marie

Gia Paige

Olive Glass & Riley Nixon



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