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So a few months ago I posted a bunch of photos of Arya Fae. They were pretty great because Arya is pretty great, but we spent like 12 hours hanging out that day and we took so many photos that I had to break them up a little bit.

The first part of the shoot was outside of her apartment.¬†That’s the stuff I already posted on here. Then later that night we shot some photos with Jojo Kiss and my friend Alondra and Arya’s friend Charlotte. Those photos were mostly for my Instaxxx book, but I shot some digital stuff too and I put that¬†stuff on Girls of Driven By Boredom so that the people who pay my rent have something just for them.

Now in between the stuff we shot outside and the stuff we shot at Jojo’s place we took a bunch of photos inside of her apartment. That’s what you are getting in this update. Hopefully this isn’t too complicated but I’ve had a lot of coffee so who knows.

So these photos are real fucking sexy and you will like them. The only problem is that all of them were naked because this was supposed to be part of the outside stuff. I mean, that’s not really a problem but I don’t really have much to preview the set with below. I think it’s gonna be okay.

Anyway, since this shoot I went and visited Arya again. The light in her new place sucked so we tried to go outside again. Unfortunately there were tons of people around so aside from her flashing me a few times we didn’t get much fun stuff. We tried shooting inside but it was honestly too dark so I didn’t get anything I was happy with technically. That being said, there were some sexy photos so I decided the second set would be exclusively for Girls of Driven By Boredom. That way you creeps can look at it without it making me look like a bad photographer publically. There’s also some more exclusive stuff from inside her house from the first shoot.

TL:DR: There are a bunch of hot photos of Arya that you can look at for free here, but there are a ton more that are only available on Girls of Driven By Boredom.

Okay, now click here to look at all the free photos of the outstanding Arya Fae!

Arya Fae

Arya Fae

Arya Fae


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