Gia Paige

Earlier this year Gia Paige followed me on Twitter.  I lurked her Twitter and saw that she was a babe and had a ton of followers so I figured I would follow her back. We might have Tweeted back and forth a few times but I didn’t really think anything of it until I was in LA for my Instaxxx book release party. (Buy my book!) I was on Twitter looking for someone to shoot a few days before the party and I saw that she was in LA. I hit her up on Wednesday, the party was Friday, we planned our shoot for Sunday.

On Thursday night I went to a party at the AVN offices. It seemed like the perfect excuse to promote my book party and make a little money in the process since I knew the LA Weekly would want the photos. I had been there for a while when I saw the cutest girl I had ever seen. Almost everyone there was dressed scandalously as you would imagine at a porn party but this girl was wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Her shirt said “I don’t dress up for boys”.

I took her photo and told her I liked her shirt. We talked for a second and I gave her my business card. She looked at it and screamed “You know me! I’m Gia Paige!” I have no idea how I didn’t recognize her since I was planning on shooting her in a few days, but I guess I somehow didn’t really look at her photos except for that first day when I followed her on Twitter.

I hugged her and we started talking about the shoot on Sunday and I told her about my party on Friday and she said she would come. The one thing I remembered from her Twitter was that she had a bunch of weiner dogs and we talked about them and  honestly I can’t remember much else. But at some point she scratched my beard with her nails and I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. I had known this girl for five minutes and she had me fucked up.

The next day at my party I was super stressed out like I am every time I throw a party but when Gia showed up I was really happy to see her. She brought one of her absurd dogs with her and I got to pet it for a second before I had to run off to deal with something. When I finally had a spare moment I went to look for her and I couldn’t find her anywhere. I texted her to see if she left and she said she had because it was too crowded for her dog but she would see me on Sunday. And then she sent me another text “Hey I don’t ever do this, but I just wanted to tell you that I think you are really handsome.” And that was it. It was all over for me.

After texting non stop for two days we finally met up for the shoot. She picked me up and we drove to Griffith Park. We didn’t really have a location but we figured we could just walk around until we found some place cool to take photos. She parked and before we even got out of the car we were just staring into eachother’s eyes like some sort of Disney cartoon. I barely even remember taking photos of her because all I can think about was the time we spent in the front seat of her car falling for eachother.

So anyway, we took some photos. I managed to drop my camera but it didn’t break and cut up my hand climbing up a hill but it healed. We didn’t get arrested and I feel like I have some photos you guys will want to look at so as far as photo shoots go it was as success, but meeting Gia was way better than the photos.

Since then Gia came with me to the Gathering of the Juggalos and visited me in NYC and we went to the Poconos together for a day. I went to Detroit to visit her and played with all her dogs (she has three plus she had three puppies at the time!) I was supposed to meet her in LA next week but a job fell through but hopefully I will see her soon. I don’t even know what else to say but I am sorry you had to read this sappy post but at least you get to see a bunch of photos of her naked.

Also, I should mention that because it is my ultimate goal to sell you things so I can pay my rent, I decided to take a bunch of the 35mm photos from all my adventures with Gia and post them exclusively to Girls of Driven By Boredom. There’s some real sexy stuff in there and some real adorable stuff in there and you can only see em on Girls of DBB. You can also give Gia your money too so she can afford to buy me more giant pizzas.

Now click here to see all the photos of Gia Paige naked in public at Griffith Park!

Gia Paige

Gia Paige

Gia Paige

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