Meet Sabby

This is Sabby. She is great and you are probably going to like looking at photos of her. I am a big fan of her for a bunch of reasons. Let’s make a list for no reason.

  1. She lives near me.
  2. She is really attractive.
  3. She is fun to hang out with.
  4. Her photos seem to do really well on the internets.
  5. For whatever reason she likes my photos.
  6. Most of her friends seem to be hot sex workers
  7. We both are on the same app network.

So yeah, she is clearly a babe and her living in Brooklyn is super useful. Twice she’s hung out with me when I’ve needed to finish a roll of film and that makes my life way better. She’s also chill as fuck and every time I put her on my Instagram people seem to be really excited about it. Also, she keeps telling me how much she likes my photos of her. It seems really easy to take good photos of her, but I will accept the compliment enough to convince her to take more photos with me. I haven’t actually taken any photos of her hot naked friends but I feel like if I am around her enough eventually she will lead me to some more babes. This is good for everyone.

Now, I could have just written that paragraph but instead I made a list and then repeated myself below. Not sure what that’s about but sometimes you just wanna fill space so it doesn’t look like your website is nothing but photos of naked people and that one day maybe a client will hire me for something like advertizing gig that I found out I didn’t get yesterday. Whatever.

Oh, right, that app network thing. My app/ paid site, Girls of Driven By Boredom is on this network called Findrow. Sabby is also on that and you should give her money. But also give me money. There are extra photos of Sabby on Girls of DBB and I just yesterday uploaded an exclusive set of Alexis Fawx if that’s something you are into too. Just saying.

Anyway, enough rambling and promoting. Go look at some photos already.

Click here to see a bunch of photos of Sabby naked on a roof in Brooklyn.







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  1. BJR
    October 23rd, 2017 | 9:45 am

    I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiment regarding Sabby’s photos. A very well done set.

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