Riley Reid Returns

Okay, technically she didn’t return as most of these were taken┬ábefore the first set that I posted of Riley, but I have a bunch of new pictures of the amazing Riley Reid.

On one of my LA trips I went over to Riley’s place to shoot and she wasn’t at all ready which turned out to be a fortunate turn of events. She let me shoot her getting ready. As you guys may have noticed I prefer┬áreal life to the over planned over photoshopped photoshoots that most “erotic” photographers shoot. I certainly get criticized for it enough, but if you guys are fans of my work you probably at least somewhat appreciate it. Anyway, Riley let me shoot her without make up on, showering and brushing her teeth. The funny thing is I just posted a bunch of teeth brushing photos on my Instagram and I totally forgot I had the ones of Riley. Of course, two days later I was looking for a girl shoot to post and found these.

Once Riley got ready I took photos of her smoking weed which always makes for a good photo. Honestly I have so god damn many photos of girls smoking I could make a pretty great book, except for the fact that Richard Kern already beat me to it.

After that we went out into the streets and shot a bunch of public nudity, and then when we returned I took some photos of her in the trunk of my rental car. The Instagram of it turned out to be my most popular Instagram photo of 2016.

So yeah, Riley is one of my favorite people to shoot and although we only shot the one time we pretty much shot all day and I got some amazing content out of it. I hope I get to shoot her again one of these days cause she’s kinda incredible.

By the way, there are some extra explicit shots from this set on Girls of Driven By Boredom.

Now click here to see a bunch of photos of motherfuckin’ Riley Reid!

Riley Reid

Riley Reid

Riley Reid

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