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Okay! I was waiting on my Vice AVN article to post this because there’s some crossover between this digital stuff and the film stuff I shot for Vice but it still isn’t up and it’s Friday and I wanna give you guys something to look at over the weekend so let’s do this.

I spent most of my time at the Adult Video News Awards in Vegas working on my Instaxxx book (just three days left to back it!) which means I did a TON of really quick photo shoots with girls. These served as excuses to work on other assignments as well like the Vice article I mentioned and this Mass Appeal Magazine article. But while I was doing those shoots I did a bunch of mini-digital shoots too and I packaged them all here in a massive 100 photo gallery of just babes at AVN. Let’s break it down.

I shot like 5 whole photos of Abigail Mac. We mostly worked on Polaroids but she was in my Mass Appeal article too. I took a handful of photos with this really cute cam gill named Stefanie Joy. We were hanging out in my friend’s hotel room and I shot her just sort of chilling. I with Melissa Moore while she was getting ready for a party and I randomly took one photo of her naked in a bathroom. It’s pretty funny so I included it. I tried to shoot a whole set of Bobbi Dylan but we were in a stairwell and we didn’t wanna get caught so we did it too fast. I still got a handful of nice shots, but a lot of slightly out of focus ones and shots of her blinking and stuff. Whoops.

Not sure why I decided this should be a paragraph break but I took a few photos with Ramona Flour in a parking garage at like 3am. I know Ramona because she is in charge of all the Chaturbate cam girls (and guys) so I have run into her at a bunch of events. She is real cool looking so was glad to do a quick thing with her. Blair Williams is one of my favorite people these days and she was really sick at AVN. I traded her some DayQuil in exchange for a quick photo shoot of her laying around her bed dying. I also shot some photos later that night of her getting ready for a party that she was too sick to go to.

For my next random paragraph break I shot Keisha Grey who is like the most attractive human I know. We met one year earlier and we got to shoot again this year. She is an insane person and climbed out onto the side of the Hard Rock completely naked. It was pretty amazing but it was freezing out there so she ran a bath first so when she got back inside she could just jump into it. I took photos of her in there too. Real cute.

Next up I was supposed to shoot Holly Beth but we had no idea where to shoot. Fortunately we ran into Hunny Daniels who said we could shoot in her room if it was okay with her roommates. They were down and three of us went up to her room. On the way we ran into two of Holly’s friends Jasmine Grey and Robin Mae. They wanted to shoot too.  Suddenly we had four naked girls in a room. That’s when Hunny’s roommate Jane showed up with a girl named Kissing High which seems like it might have been a stage name. She had epic boobs though. So I shot all six girls and it was great. I also did a full shoot with Holly as well.

Speaking of full shoots, I did do a few of them while I was in Vegas. I shot Holly like I mentioned and I also shot another cam girl named Moth. Moth is fucking amazing and I decided to post her full set exclusively to Girls of Driven By Boredom. It’s up now and you should check it out! I put a few teasers in this free gallery but you need to see the full Moth set!

Also included in this gallery are teasers from my full shoots with Taurus Angel and Jillian Janson. I shot so many photos of Jillian while we were filming a thing for Showtime’s AVN Awards program. It probably won’t air until the summer or something insane like that so I won’t be posting the photos until then, but I did shoot some Instax which I am sure will be shown on Showtime. She signed five of them and they are still available for sale from my Instax Kickstarter! Get them now!

Now click here to see the massive gallery of the Girls of the 2017 AVN Awards!

And click here to see it in higher resolution with bonus graphic photos and an entire set of Moth at Girls of Driven By Boredom!

And click here to back my Instaxxx photo book Kickstarter before it’s too late!

Blair Williams

Keisha Grey


Bobbi Dylan

Stefanie Joy


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  1. Link Bebroken
    February 18th, 2017 | 8:33 pm

    Your “Now click here to see the massive gallery of the Girls of the 2017 AVN Awards!” link is not working?

  2. February 18th, 2017 | 11:57 pm

    Thanks for the heads up. Just FYI all the photos link to the gallery too so you just have to click one, but I fixed it. Thanks.

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