Sammy In 35mm

Sometimes I get hit up on Instagram DM by some insanely hot babe who has never really done any modeling before and I get to take a ton of naked photos of her and then show them to you. It’s the best right?

Meet Sammy. If you were to imagine the sexual ideal of your average red blooded American man you would get Sammy. She is a cartoon of girl next door babelyness. She is not even my type and I would crawl over three brunette porn babes with next tattoos to get to her. God damn.

The first time I shot Sammy was a while ago and somehow I totally forgot about the photos (this keeps happening) and never published them. But the other day I needed to kill a few rolls of film so Sammy came over and we walked from Brooklyn to Manhattan over the Williamsburg bridge and shot 35mm photos along the way. We also shot a few photos in my apartment and a few in the bathroom at Sidewalk Cafe because it’s a block away from where I get my photos developed and I had about 6 shots left.

So I ended up shooting about 4 rolls of Sammy and I decided to post an all 35mm set of her because thats fun. All this public nudity is also fun. And guess what? I still have this full digital set of her to get up one of these days. Even more fun. Fucking rejoice.

And as always these photos are available in high resolution on Girls of DBB.

Lastly I should mention this is my full real post before I go out of town for two weeks. Headed to LA, SF, Portland and Seattle. Should be a blast. But more on that tomorrow…

Now click here to see all these 35mm public nude photos of Sammy!





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  1. mike
    June 14th, 2016 | 2:33 pm

    Love the 35mm and Sammy is jaw-dropping. Would you share where you get your film developed?

  2. June 14th, 2016 | 3:24 pm

    Luster Photo on Ave A and St. Marks.

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