April O’Neil At Murphy’s Ranch

After being semi functional for a few days, my website is up and running and should be a lot faster and less likely to crash in the future. Here’s hoping everything goes smoothly. But none of that is important. What is important is April O’Neil.

A while back I posted photos of April O’Neil and Shay Laren at Murphy’s Ranch. You can read that post for more info but essentially Murphy’s Ranch was a pre-WWII nazi camp that was raided by the US the day after Pearl Harbor. It’s been pretty much abandoned since then and it’s only a short drive and a long walk from LA.

On top of shooting Shay and April together I shot them separately and I wanted to save these two updates for the release of my public nudity zine Public which comes out next Wednesday. You can pre-order it here or come to Leftfield Wednesday night at 9 for the release party!

Plus there is a special edition of the zine that comes with a print of Shay and April at Murphy’s Ranch!

Anyway, these photos rule, April is an unreasonable fucking babe and apparently they are finally going to demolish Murphy’s Ranch.

Oh, and lastly, since we shot these for an adult magazine that I stopped working for there are a bunch of gratuitous vagina shots that can now be found exclusively on The Girls Of Driven By Boredom so go lurk those you fucking pervert.

Okay, now click here to see the photos of April O’Neil naked at Murphy’s Ranch!

Ps. There are NO safe for work images in this set so this is the only preview…

April O'Neil


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