April O’Neil & Shay Laren

I am leaving town for the weekend and then I have an oppressively busy week next week so I might not get a chance to update again for a while so I figured I would leave you with something good. No, I take that back, I am leaving you with something great.

Over a year ago I took two of my favorite models ever, April O’Neil and Shay Laren to Murphy’s Ranch near Malibu, CA. I had read about it on one of those “abandoned places” lists and could not wait to try and shoot there. It took some searching and a lot of hiking but we finally got there and took some amazing photos of some really hot ladies.

But first, let’s talk about Murphy’s Ranch. Murphy’s Ranch was a compound for American Nazi sympathizers during WWII. They had this idea that they would hide out in the middle of the mountains in what is now Topanga State Park until after the Nazi’s won the war. The whole thing didn’t go super well for them and the US Government raided the compound the day after Pearl Harbor. In the 60’s some hippies lived there in a commune but a forest fire chased them out and it has been abandoned ever sense. There is now dispute between LA County and the CA State Parks over who should own the land. Although it is in the border of Tapenga State Park, the CA Park Service won’t take it until LA County gets rid of the structures that still stand there, but because it’s so hard to get to it would cost millions to deal with the compound. So now it is a technically off limits part of LA County but it’s a fairly popular hiking trail and apparently a big hit for crossfit assholes.

So between hiding from hikers, smoking teenagers and another photoshoot we took some really fun photos and it just happens that the photos were of unreasonably hot women so it works out really well. On top of that we took a LOT of photos so this gallery is only about half the images! I will have solo galleries of both April and Shay coming in the future so get really excited about that too.

Despite this being one of my favorite shoots ever, it has taken way too long for me to publish these. Sometimes when I take photos I am really excited about I just hold on to them for way too long although the few 35mm photos I have posted have been a huge hit. I even included a two page spread of them in Fuck LA.

So yeah, go look at these photos right now. I posted them yesterday on Girls of Driven By Boredom and Girls of DBB has some extra slightly more dirty shots as well. I am sure you won’t be too upset about that.

Now click here to see the amazing photos of April O’Neil and Shay Laren at the abandoned Murphy’s Ranch!

Ps. Sorry for all the silly NSFW logos on the main page. Just click through to the uncensored ones.

April O'neil & Shay Laren At Murphy's Ranch

April O'neil & Shay Laren At Murphy's Ranch

April O'neil & Shay Laren At Murphy's RanchApril O'neil & Shay Laren At Murphy's Ranch


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