Chanel Preston

In January I met Chanel Preston at the AVN Awards. She is unreasonably pretty and seemed real cool and stuff and I somehow convinced her to let me take photos of her next time I was in LA. So of course when I got to LA a few months later she was one of the first people I hit up.

Part of my convincing her to shoot with me was that it would be the easiest photo shoot she ever did. Her argument was “porn bitches are lazy” and mine was “it will take 15 minutes and I will try not to make you move much”. Aside from me asking her to stand up a couple of times she didn’t even have to get off her couch. I think it worked out pretty well for everyone.

She was doing her nails when I got to her place and so I just started shooting while she kept doing them. I kinda have a foot phobia but I know there are plenty of you creeps out there into that thing so I took some shots of her painting her toenails before moving on to her finger nails and then attempting to get out of her dress without using her fingers. Ice coffee was also involved somehow.

In conclusion, Chanel is a total babe who makes really cute faces and I did a pretty awesome set of her in less than 20 minutes and she didn’t really have to get off the couch. High fives for everyone.

I put these photos on Girls of Driven By Boredom last night in twice the resolution with some bonus vagina pictures so like sign up for that shit already so I can pay for my new tattoo.

Now click here to see a bunch of NSFW photos of the amazing Chanel Preston!

Chanel Preston


Chanel Preston

Chanel Preston

Chanel Preston

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