“Same Old City” Zine Pre-Order!

The New York Art Book Fair is coming to NYC on the 18th of September. As a huge photo book nerd and zine collector it’s one of my favorite times of the year. Last year aside from dropping way too much money on books I met Mike Krim of Paperwork NYC. He’s published some amazing zines, several of which I owned before meeting him, and we clearly have some similar ideas about photography.

In January he asked me if he could sell some of my stuff at his table for the LA Art Book Fair and he and my buddies Mint & Serf invited me to join the art show that they did around the fair. I was an awesome experience made more awesome by the release of Fuck LA.

Fuck LA was my LA Art Book Fair exclusive zine that contained my craziest photos from my trips over the years to LA. It came signed and numbered and with a print and I only made 50 of them. They were expensive but I still sold about half of them art the book fair and another 10 via pre-order and then I upped the price and put the rest on my Etsy store and they sold out quickly. The whole thing was really fun and pretty much paid for my flight out to LA.

So with the New York Art Book Fair coming up I decided I should do a similar release that will be sold again at the Paperwork NYC table along with Dinner With Igor and Food Tattoos. The book is called “Same Old City” and it’s a collection of some of my craziest 35mm photos from my 9 years in NYC.

It’s horizontally oriented which is a bit different from my previous books and zines. There are only 100 copies being made and 25 of those will be signed and numbered and come with a print of my friend Sarah Lee flashing me in front of the J Train. The zine combines some of my work from These New York Streets with a bunch of nudity and random insanity. Think street photography + boobs + fighting.  Good times.

In order to pay for the printing I am releasing only 9 pre-orders of the limited edition. They are $40 which is the price they will be at the Art Book Fair and any that don’t sell will go back online for $50 after the fair so ordering now guarantees you a copy and saves you $10 if they don’t sell out at the fair. There’s only 25 total and me and the designer are both keeping one so you are down to 23. Just saying…

In totally unrelated news I realize I haven’t updated Girls of Driven By Boredom recently so I uploaded an exclusive set of Vonka Romanov & Lea Hart shot on black and white film. I was asked to submit some photos for an “erotic” art book about lesbians and right around the same time Lea contacted me about shooting. I mentioned the project and she brought her real life girlfriend Vonka over and I shot a bunch of photos of them making out and other stuff. I posted a few of the photos on my Tumblr but for the most part these are completely unpublished. There will be a set of them that I shot digitally later that day but they aren’t quite as sexy as these… Click here to sign up for Girls of DBB!

And now go order Same Old City!!

Same Old City

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