Lucy Everleigh’s First Photoshoot

Several years ago I somehow started talking to a cam girl named Lucy Everleigh on Twitter. She was unreasonably hot and I immediately told her that I needed to take her photo. She seemed all about it but she also lives somewhere that I do not so it wasn’t an ideal situation. Years passed and in January I was in Vegas for the AVN Awards and I saw this insanely hot, familiar looking babe walk passed me but I couldn’t figure out who she was. I just kept thinking about it and I realized she was my Twitter friend Lucy in the flesh!

By the time I figured it out she was long gone so it messaged her on Twitter and it in fact was her and we talked about taking some photos. She was on a weirdly tight schedule but the night of the AVN Awards I ended up hanging out with her and shooting a few photos of her and her friend Anya on the roof of the Hard Rock. We also made plans for the next day since Lucy checked into a suite for her last night in Vegas.

I showed up the next day and the light was god awful in her room but we took a few photos on the bed before kinda giving up and I broke out my flash and she took a bath. You can make flash look pretty awesome when it hits water and Lucy is so fucking hot that I didn’t mind not shooting with found light.

The crazy thing was that some point during the day I found out she had never done a real photoshoot before. I mean she has taken a million naked photos of her self and I am pretty sure her husband has shot photos of her and things like that but as far as working with a pro photographer this was her first ever shoot. I was pretty fucking honored.

After she got out of the bath we took some more shots on the bed that were a lot more explicit than any of the shower ones because Lucy is fucking hot and it was fun. Also I wanted to get some exclusive stuff for Girls of Driven By Boredom. And since this week is all about promoting Girls of DBB this seemed like a good week to post this fucking hot set. So go lurk that and get 20% off with the code “nsfwweek”! Plus you can preview the photos for the last NSFW Week post tomorrow!

Now click here to see all the sexy as fuck photos of Lucy Everleigh taking a bath in Vegas!

Lucy Everleigh

Lucy Everleigh

Lucy Everleigh


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