Dinner With Igor Release Party – 1.8.15

Despite it being 16 degrees out the book release party for Dinner With Igor and Food Tattoos was pretty fucking awesome:  Free booze, cheap tattoos, cupcakes with my face on them and an appropriate amount of nudity. When I am throwing a party I tend to take significantly worse photos but I still took some and you should look at them.

It was the opening night of Prince Terrence and Haruka Salt’s new party Club 81 at the Woods and the first few hours were reserved for my book parties. I had a few cute girls selling books (Thanks!) and took some mildly dirty photos of them in the bathroom which is always nice to get back to my roots and all. I had the super babe Ashley Holt make cupcakes with photos from the book on them so people were eating my face all night. And then of course we had the food tattoos!

You guys should go get tattooed by Chris Johnson at Venus Body Works in the Lower East Side and Rukus at Black Square Tattoo in Williamsburg Brooklyn because those dudes killed it with the $40 food tattoos all night. Chris started the night of with a sushi tattoo near this cute girls vagina so I knew the party was going to be good right away. Rukus ended the night by tattooing a terrifying anthropomorphic sandwich on my leg. It was a blast. Go hunt those dudes down cause they killed it. Tell em I sent you and you might get a hand job out of the deal.

Huge thanks to Terry, Haruka and the Woods for making this party happen and Tullamore Dew for the free booze. Obviously huge thanks to the girls selling my book for almost nothing. Thanks to the tattoo artists for tattooing in a bar despite good common sense. Thanks to Inked, Vice, Village Voice, Flavorpill and Shaw Promotions for getting the word out about this madness. Thanks to Ashley Holt for the most Instagrammed cupcakes ever and essentially making them for a free radish tattoo. And of course thanks to all my friends and fans that came out and bought the book.  You guys rule.

Now go to my etsy store and buy a book or two from me!!

And then you can click here to see the NSFW and delicious photos from the Dinner With Igor book release party!

 My Books!

Very Classy Sushi Vagina Tattoo

Competitive Eaters Crazy Legs Conti & Maria Edible

Peanut Necklace Meets Mr. Peanut

Prince Terry & The Boobs Of Bushwick

Lena Marquise & Her Face

Ashley Holt

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