The Lost Andy San Dimas Set

Many years ago I got to photograph Andy San Dimas for the first time. I went over to her place and we shot on the roof of her apartment in Los Angeles. It was very hot and very bright and theoretically anyone could have come up at any moment so we had to shoot fairly quickly. Andy is such a babe but I didn’t realize that it was going to become one of my favorite sets ever. Andy loved it too and she told me that she once met a serious boyfriend because he contacted her after seeing the pictures.

After we shot we went into her bedroom and shot an intentionally amateur looking set that was supposed to end up as a “DIY” set on Gods Girls. I shot the set mostly with my on camera flash which makes it look like it was shot by just a “guy with camera” as they say in the business (of creepy dudes like myself photographing naked girls).

The set was also a lot more explicit than I normally shoot. Andy was rolling around her bed and I was shooting the kinda stuff I would shoot if I was photographing someone for “personal use”. The whole thing came out looking like some really sexy homemade porn. I have no idea why it never ended up on Gods Girls but I think I just forgot about it.

I knew I could never post it on my site because it didn’t look even slightly professional and it was much more graphic than anything I would publish here. Fortunately I have an app and I have been posting some of the more hardcore outtakes on there and this seemed like the perfect place for this set. I am really glad I found it when looking through old photos!

Nothing says Christmas like Andy San Dimas’ vagina so I decided to have a sale on my app until Christmas. Get yourself something for the holidays!

Download the Girls of Driven By Boredom mobile app and get 20% off using the code “dbb”! Not only does it have nearly 80 insanely hot photos of Andy San Dimas, but it also has 225 other sets featuring high resolution images, hands free browsing and a ton of exclusive, extra graphic, content. It works on all smart phones and just on your home computer if for some reason you don’t want to be looking at porn during meetings at work.

I know some of you are homeless and can’t afford the $5 it takes to get my app and keep me working so I posted a fairly tame preview gallery. If you like these shots just imagine 65 more photos (in twice the resolution) of her being much more creepy. I assure you they are worth signing up to my app for. Remember, use the code “dbb” for 20% off!

Now click here to see the reasonably NSFW preview of the lost Andy San Dimas set and then go sign up for my app for the fun stuff!

Ps. Andy is retired and goes by Sarah now.

Andy San Dimas

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