Ash Hollywood & Sasha Pain

I have no idea how I haven’t posted these photos. This is the only shoot left from my AVN Awards behind the scenes shoot for Hustler Magazine. This was actually the first shoot I did for the story and it was very spur of the moment.

Before I went out to Vegas I spent a few days in LA. I generally like to make a longer trip out of the AVN Awards so I fly into LA, rent a car, drive to Vegas for the awards and then spend a few days in LA after the trip. I do that because if I meet anyone in Vegas that I want to photograph we can set up a shoot in LA after the awards.

So back in January the night before I was supposed to leave for the awards I had dinner with a friend and then no real plans after that. I hit up Ash Hollywood about shooting or hanging out and she said she was already in Vegas. We talked a bit more and I decided just to drive to Vegas in the middle of the night. Her and her boyfriend got a big suite and they said I could sleep on their couch since my hotel reservation wasn’t until the next day. I said fuck it and I started driving to Vegas.

By the time I got there around 4am I had lined up Sasha Pain to shoot as well. I followed her on Twitter for ever and she is both super hot and super hilarious. She happened to be staying in the same hotel as Ash so they met up while they waited for me to get to Vegas. I finally got there and took some photos of them smoking weed and then I suggested a pillow fight.

The pillow fight was really fun and they pretty much tried to kill each other while I took photos. The photos were taken with my on camera flash so they look more like my old night club bathroom photo shoots than my new work but I knew I only needed a few good shots for the magazine. I thought we got some great shots even if the whole shoot looks pretty amateurish but when you have two naked girls pillow fighting who the fuck is going to complain about the technical photo quality?

I should also mention that if you had my Girls of DBB app you would have seen these photos already because I posted them on there first.

Also I should plug my book again because Ash Hollywood is one of the stars of it. If you are a fan of mine or Ash’s you need this book! It’s only $20 and is available from the Mishka stores in Brooklyn & LA as well as from this Etsy store that I set up. There aren’t many left so I would order soon.

None of these images are safe for work enough to post on the main page so click here to see all the uncensored photo from the sexy naked pillow fight between Ash Hollywood & Sasha Pain!

Ash Hollywood & Sasha Pain Naked Pillow Fight

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  1. Brent
    November 5th, 2013 | 5:56 pm

    Girls getting baked and having a naked pillow fight. Nice.

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