April O’Neil

I met April O’Neil years ago when she walked past me at a Vegas casino. I did one of those things terrible dudes do on the street where I just told her she was adorable when she walked passed my seat. I try not to harass strange women unless I have a camera in my hand and am working an event, but I needed to photograph April at some point and I had to talk to her.  She smiled and said thanks but kept walking and I am not so creepy as to chase her down, but luckily that same night someone introduced me to her. I had just picked up the first iPad and I showed her my photos and she totally wanted to shoot. She lives in LA and I was going to be there a few days later so we exchanged numbers. I was totally excited to take her photo.

Unfortunately when I got to LA something came up and the shoot didn’t work out. For YEARS this kept happening. I was sure she hated me and I kept giving up but every time I would run into her she would seem really excited to see me and promise that we would shoot soon. I felt like Charlie Brown. She was Lucy and her boobs were the football that she would yank away from me at the last moment. It was pretty frustrating but April is not just a total babe. She is also really fun, really tiny and has the best boobs ever so I kept try to get her to shoot with me.

And then it finally happened! I was in Vegas this year working on this thing for Hustler Magazine AVN Awards behind the scenes thing I keep mentioning (I still have one more post from that shoot!) and of course I asked April. She told me she didn’t want to do any work on this trip but she did really want to shoot with me. I knew I needed shots of people getting ready so I pitched her the idea that I would come over while she did her hair and make up and just shoot while she got ready. To her credit she was totally cool with getting photographed without her make up finished and let me come over before she went out to party.

We shot a pretty fun shoot in less than 20 minutes and I thought the shots were a perfect addition to my Hustler article. It’s a small set and the hotel bathroom light is really ugly but I was so glad to have finally photographed her! Don’t worry, I won’t give up until we get to do a real shoot! One of these days April! One of these days!

By the way, there are three bonus April butt shots that are on the Girls of Driven By Boredom app and all the photos were posted yesterday. Clearly you need to get on that shit for exclusive content, higher res images and photos up before anyone else gets to see ’em.

I had to put stamps on her boobs below cause I didn’t actually take any photos that weren’t NSFW. My bad. BUT make sure you click here to see all the uncensored images of April O’Neil!

April O'Neil

April O'Neil

April O'Neil


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