Trash Turns Ten – 2.10.12

While it’s true that I don’t go to the Trash party at Webster Hall very often it still has a very special place in my heart. A few months after first moved to NYC I went to the Trash new years eve party on December 31 2006. I was hooked after that. I started shooting the party regularly and I have shot it over 80 times in the last 5 years, by far more than any other party. When it was at Riffi it was my favorite party in New York. Things are a little different now that it’s at Webster Hall but there is a whole new group of kids who fucking love that party and are there every single week. DJ Jess has done an amazing job keeping this party relevant for a decade and I had to be there for his 10th anniversary party.

I had to get on a train at 3am but I took all my shit with me to Trash on Friday. I couldn’t miss this event. My boy Prince Terry’s band Hussle Club opened up the night and I got to work right away shooting them. After that I bonded with a bunch of old friends who I hadn’t seen in ages and some new ones I had met recently. It was a great time.

I had to leave around 2:20AM but right as I was leaving they were getting ready to go with what I am sure was one of the best burlesque shows Trash has ever seen. I am not a huge fan of burlesque but I have shot enough to know what I like and what I don’t. Stormy Leather and Madame Rosebud are two of the five best burlesque performers in NYC and probably the whole damn country. They cannot be fucked with. I have seen them both do their thing many times but never on the same night. Added to that was Sarah Screams who is Joanna Angel’s sister and has pretty much the greatest butt that ever was. She is a god damned professional opera singer and gets naked and sings shit that will blow your mind to a beat that DJ Jess produced. It was a damn shame I missed it all. Fortunately I took pictures of them getting dressed back stage so you get that NSFW fun in your life. Don’t worry. I care about you people.

Once again congrats to DJ Jess and everyone who has had a part in Trash over the years – Brendon James, Twig and Alex Malfunction especially. It’s been a great time hanging out with you guys the last five years. Thanks for letting me be part of the family.

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DJ Jess & Alex Malfunction

Trash 10th Anniversary

Madame Rosebud

Hussle Club

Trash 10th Anniversary

Stormy Leather

Trash 10th Anniversary

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