20 Erotic Photographers For Jessie Lee – 11.29.10

Last night at Beauty Bar 20 erotic photographers came together led by JM Darling and Darling House to raise money to support our injured friend Jessie Lee. By now you should know all about her injury but if you are coming here from some other site linking in just to see some crazy naked party pictures, then you can click here for a recap of what happened to Jessie Lee. There were a ton of amazing photographers work on the walls and a ton of it sold.  My pictures were sort in the dark which is my excuse for only selling one print. I sold it right after I moved the lights so you could see my prints so I feel like my argument is somehow valid. I bought two photos myself a picture of my ex-girlfriend doing coke with a 400 pound black man taken by Bob Coulter and this picture taken by Lithium Picnic. Unfortunately for me someone walked off with the prints, hopefully accidentally, but I hope to get them back somehow.

The party was a ton of fun as you would expect from a party filled with nude models, burlesque dancers and way too many cameras. The night started off pretty tame and art show like but after a few burlesque numbers including some serious nudity from Stormy Leather and Madame Rosebud and a lot of booze people started getting wild.  I did a mini topless photo shoot with Burning Angel mom and party host Joanna Angel and Dastardly Dave posed for some shots with a sexy lady. There was various random nudity and making out and good times all around. I just wish Jessie Lee could have been well enough to make the trip.  I am sure when she gets better we can throw another party that she can get naked at too…

Anyway, these photos are clearly very NSFW and very much worth looking at and if you would like to donate to help Jessie Lee that would be really amazing of you. You can do so by clicking here.

And without further ado, click here to see all the pictures from the 20 American Erotic Photographers for Jessie Lee show at Beauty Bar.

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  1. December 1st, 2010 | 11:59 am

    Great pics, Igor!!!

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