Madame Renee Rosebud

Right before I went on my crazy Insane Clown adventure I shot an amazing burlesque dancer named Madame Rosebud. I have known Rosebud for what seems to be a very long time and several of her numbers have appeared on this site before, but we had never shot until now. When I first met her she was very weary of party photographers and for good reason probably but after I took down some images of her she didn’t want online I think I gained some of her trust. Still, I didn’t really think about shooting her until I ran into her at Ellen Stagg’s art opening at Fuse. We talked a lot and she told me she had shot for Bob Coulter and that she wanted to do more modeling. After that we planned a few shoots and they kept getting canceled for whatever reason. But at long last we finally figured out perfect time to shoot… unfortunately we didn’t have a location.

I never shoot in my bedroom for a few reasons.  The primary reason is that I think it is sort of sleazy. People think I am a creep enough without seeing shoots in my bedroom that sort of imply that they are in my bed for anything other than a photo shoot. The other reason I don’t shoot in my bedroom is because I AM a creep and if I shoot dirty pictures in my bed I want girls to know that they will never see the light of day. If a girl says to me “I don’t want these to show up on your website!” I can tell them truthfully that I never post any bedroom shots on my website. Having people’s trust is very important to me in both my personal life and my business so photos shot in my bedroom always stay in my bedroom.

All that being said, I broke my rule, and I did it for the second time. Months ago I shot a lesbian in my bedroom because we had a shoot set up outside but it was cold and rainy and all the shots were horrible so we gave up and shot in apartment. I figured because of her sexual orientation it made shooting in my bedroom less creepy and the same thing sort of applies to Madame Rosebud. And while she does love the ladies, she does also enjoy the company of men… but just one specific man. She is engaged to the very awesome burlesque host Bastard Keith, so clearly I am not going to be messing with her, even if we do flirt a lot. Also, probably even more importantly I recently spent WAY too much money at Bed Bath And Beyond and I wanted to show off my 650 thread count sheets in at least one set!

I think I should probably stop babbling at this point and just show you the photos already. They are NSFW obviously and they are of a supremely rad chick so you should fucking love them.  You will love them. I mean how can you not? It’s Rosebuds first ever shoot in her glasses. Now that is fucking sexy…

Click here to see all the mind-altering photos of Madame Renee Rosebud naked in my bed.

Madame Renee Rosebud

Madame Rosebud's Foot

Madame Rosebud

Madame Renee Rosebud

Madame Renee Rosebud

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