Insane Clown Signs

For those who did not take Juggalo Anthropology 101 in college I bring you a little primer on Juggalo communication.  The juggalo have 43 different words that mean “face paint” but at the same time they can express thousands of thoughts and ideas using only the words “woop woop”.  They are an interesting creature but one of the most fascinating ways they communicate is through card board signage. They use cardboard signs for mating, to gather food, water and drugs and as even as a primitive form of commerce often using the barter system of trading tits for beer. As I studied the juggalo I documented quite the collection of these card board messages as well as other forms of written exchange.

To view my research on juggalo non verbal communication at the Gathering of the Juggalos, please click here. Thank you for your time. NSFW.

For complete 2010 Gathering Of The Juggalos coverage please check out the Driven By Boredom GOTJ archives.

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