Trash 8th Anniversary – 2.12.10

On the same night just two floors down from the Ed Banger Anniversary party at Webster Hall was the Trash Anniversary party.  Ed Banger turned seven, but Trash turned eight. There was joy all around… probably.  DJ Jess got Kill Shop Kill to make him a bunch of T-shirts celebrating the anniversary and I followed Jess around for a bit as he put them on cute kids. There was the normal weirdness and drunkness of Trash with naked burlesque and go gos and all that, but it was a little bit more packed and there seemed to be some extra cute girls that I hadn’t seen before.  It was a good time down in the Studio, and when you mixed that with the party upstairs, Webster Hall was bumping all night.  I didn’t get home until like 8 am.

Click here to see the NSFW pictures celebrating the 8th anniversary of Trash.








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