Welcome To The Arsenal – 7.1.09

Once I took a bus from New York to DC.  There were eight seats on the bus that had a table in front of them so you could use your laptop.  I saw across from a girl named Bob. We talked the whole way to DC.  Bob Bland is the designer/owner of the clothing line Brooklyn Royalty.  Yesterday she opened the her new project, the Arsenal.  The Arsenal is a new art space/studio/gallery/venue in Williamsburg that is dedicated to fostering art in Brooklyn.  Last night they had the grand opening and a fundraiser.  Over 25 artists donated work to be sold to benefit the space and Jeff Taylor played some music (with the help of some Semi-Precious Weapons) and there were cheap drinks and tacos.  I personally had a pretty delicious root beer float, because that is how I do. The space is on Roebling  and Metropolitan and you should check it out…

But in the mean time, click here to check all the photos out. They are all labeled as the armory for some reason… That reason is because I edited these photos 20 minutes after I took my sleeping pill last night.  Woops!






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  1. July 2nd, 2009 | 11:07 pm

    looks like a cool night

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