The Last Rated X – 6.20.09

So that is it.  The end of Rated X.  Rated X was the first party I took pictures at in New York.  I had some friends in town, and we went to the party when it was at Luke And Leroy and I took a bunch of pictures of my friends.  Then I took some photos of the hot body contest and some random people.  People started asking me where I was going to post the photos, and I had no idea.  A few months later I was taking party pictures 5 nights a week.  Rated X was where I met a number of the first girls I was seeing when I first moved to the city and it was constantly fun.  When it left Luke And Leroy and became a monthly it was never really the same.  Then again, everyone has told me that it was even better when it was on Ave B where Midway is now.  Personally I think Don Hills is a terrible place to hold a party because it is not anywhere near a Subway and it is a bit big for a lot of parties.

Last night was great though.  I saw tons of people I hadn’t seen in ages.  The hot body contest had a record 12 people in it. Michael T sang and did a T-Rex cover. Plus it was packed with all sorts of fun weirdos to take pictures of. The only problem of course is that my flash is still broken and a lot of the shots are not as good as I want them to be.  The hot body contest is particularly bad… but it does feature some things worth looking at.  Like the mother of three who got naked and made out with a 20 year old ginger kid; a man who would take off his pants, but not his shirt; the finals featured two men, one with a 2 inch penis, the other with a 9 inch one; and last but not least my friend and Gods Girl Sioux Sin who ended up tying for first.  There is a mini set of her in the photo gallery that we shot in a utility closet in the Don Hills basement.

The end of the night was pretty sad with friends and family types staying till the end and watching Michael T dance for everyone still left.  There was a last dance and a lot of applause and an after party at Beauty Bar (which I ended up skipping).  Now, I know you are all heart broken about the end of a legendary NYC party, but I have it from a good source that there might be some special Rated X’s in the future… just no more weekly/monthly type things.  So maybe we will see you all on Halloween again.

Oh God! I don’t know how I forgot.  Rated X is also known as the Panty Party and you got 2-1 drinks if you were in your underwear.  I hae been to Rated X maybe 50 times and I never once took off my pants.  Last night I did… Just to say thanks for the memories… and only like 5 people touched my dick!

Check out the very NSFW photos by clicking right here.

PS. Birthday shout outs to Darenzia, Rochelle and Karen.











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  1. lux
    June 22nd, 2009 | 2:23 am

    that stripper is so cute!

  2. Freddie
    June 22nd, 2009 | 10:51 am

    Some shots look like the came straight out of Party Monster! Nice 🙂

  3. Mumblehead
    April 11th, 2010 | 3:20 pm

    The mother of three that made out with the sickly ginger kid, yah that kind of skanked my night but I got over it and later on I tapped her sweet ass hard! Thanks babe for a fun weekend
    You have to admit the guy with the circus dick deserves respect. He could be the next Dirk Diggler
    Thanks to M T for rocking D Hiil’s

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