Three Kings Anniversary – 3.6.09

A while ago I shot some photos for Inked Magazine. They were taken at Matchless in Greenpoint to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the Three Kings Tattoo studio. Coincidently right after the event I had to go to my website’s 8th anniversary party. Two days before I had been tattooed by Betty Rose and she was there which was cool. As was the Suicide Girl (Calamity) I met at the Glamour Garage fashion show. My friend Minka was there and I hadn’t seen here in a year, and my friend Kari who I had not seen in probably 3 years. I even met a really hot girl who is tight with DBB friend, DAZE. It was just cool seeing all these people I didn’t expect to see. I figured I wouldn’t know anyone but the Inked staff. At the party there was a big cake fight between the Three Kings and a lot of drunken madness. I was only there for two hours before I had to escape to my party but it was a lot of fun. At some point I did some hand stands for a photo booth they had there. I wonder what happened to those. Whatever the case is I like hanging out with tattoo artists because I have a lot of really dumb idea for tattoos, and I need to talk some people into doing them for free.

Anyway, I am watching Myth Busters while I write this so it was probably a bit rambling and pointless. But you can check out all the photos here. While you do that I am going to go back to watching Jamie and Adam try to land a lawn chair using a pellet gun.






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  1. jess versus
    March 27th, 2009 | 5:24 pm

    awesome. 🙂

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