Aloha Monkey

I don’t know if you guys have spent a lot of time hanging out in tattoo shops, but the most consistently annoying thing about being in one is listen to idiots joke to their friends about getting the really bad tattoos hanging on the wall. Everyone does it, myself included. I think it is unavoidable somehow. One of the most joked about tattoos is the infamous Sailor Jerry “Aloha Monkey”. For those who don’t know, Sailor Jerry was this bad ass tattoo artist living in Hawaii who basically created the “Old School” style of tattoo design. His tattoo flash is a must for any tattoo shop that has tattoos designs hanging on their walls. The Aloha Monkey is one of his classics. It is a drawing of a monkey reaching between his legs and spreading his ass cheeks open. With his nuts hanging and asshole agape his back side reads ALOHA with the brown eye making the O. It is hilarious and a tattoo that no reasonable person should get. Well folks, I am not a reasonable person. I have been joking about getting the Aloha Monkey for a decade and it was finally time to put my monkey where my mouth was. Or at least put him on my leg.

Yesterday Red Rocket Tattoo was doing $100 Sailor Jerry tattoos (and pretty much any small tattoo) to benefit a coworker who’s daughter recently died. They needed money to help pay for funeral costs. My friend Sarah Lee told me about it, and I though this would be a perfect time to get the tattoo and help out a good cause. My tattoo was done by Betty Rose who did great job and who I will probably go back to when I get up the balls to get my next really bad idea for a tattoo, the Ghostbusters II logo. As I said before, the Aloha Monkey is pretty classic. When I walked to Red Rocket and told them I wanted to get the Aloha Monkey Betty’s eyes lit up and she said “He’s mine!” She told me she had never done it and that every tattoo artist has to do it once in here career. Well Betty, I am glad I could help.

Click the photo below to see it on my leg.


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  1. March 5th, 2009 | 6:41 pm

    lol classic. and is that orko next to him?

  2. March 5th, 2009 | 6:54 pm

    Yeah. It is Orko. He is giving the metal sign and throwing a molotov cocktail. That is going to be the “bad ideas for tattoos” sleeve.

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