Friday At The AEE – 1.9.08

Okay.  So here we go.  Day one of my Vegas trip.

I woke up sick 5 minutes after I wanted to leave my apartment to go to the airport.  This was not a good start to my 2 week adventure.  Luckily I had packed the night before and I was out the door in under 15 minutes.  I made the plane before they even boarded.  5.5 hours later I landed in Las Vegas with about 5 emails, 2 voice mails and several texts about my attempted trip to Sundance.  I was waiting on one big gig, so I had not confirmed the two smaller ones that I was stupidly counting on.  By the time I landed one of the two had pulled out, and the other needed confirmation in the next 30 minutes.  I called the bigger gig and it did not look good.  So I had to cancel. So with that, my Sundance plans were shot within a half hour of landing.  So I got my shit together and headed over to the rental car place, who charged me over $100 more for their car than they promised via internets. And then they told me if I wanted to return the car a day early, they were going to have to charge me even more money. The guy was a total prick.  When I told him that it was insane to charge me more money to return the car early, he looked completely confused.

So then I get to my hotel… “Hi Mr. Smith.  So you are checking out Sunday and you wanted double beds smoking?” “Um, I wanted one bed non-smoking.”  “Oh, I am sorry, we can do that for an extra $70 a night.”   Jesus.  I get to the room and I start coughing at once.  It is the most horrible smoke filled room I have ever encountered.  After sleeping there one night, I woke up with my eyes burning red and I had lost my voice.  And the sheets were not made, the shower and the bath run at the same time and the room was very small.  And I had paid $10 extra a night for a better room.  I can’t imagine how bad the cheaper room was.  So, fuck the Imperial Palace.  Don’t stay there. Ever.

So I finally get my shit together, do the press check in and get on the floor of the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE).  This is just a huge room filled with booth after booth of sex related things.  Mostly porn companies in the front, but towards the back there are booths for hookers, strippers, sex toys and a lot of ugly clothes that only the biggest manor of scum bag would wear. (Discounting the rad kids at the I <3 Vagina booth).   Kid Rock was there and he spent the whole time taking picture after picture with porn fans.  It was sort of impressive how much shit he put up with.  I met a bunch of people and saw a lot of friends.  One of the girls I met was a stripper from Vegas who was pretty rad and we snuck off to my hotel and took some dirty photos.  They will be up one of these days.

As far as the photos go, a few notes.  I edit my photos normally on my PC.  I have a program set up to do a batch thing that does a few things to the images to make them look nicer.  I attempted to do the same thing on this laptop and they did not come out very well. Combine that with the fact that don’t really know how to use my new flash as well as I should and the photos are a bit on the shitty side.  Still, they are pretty fucking nuts, so at least you got that.  There is technically no nudity on the floor, but these shots are still pretty blatantly NSFW.

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