Jada is friends with my friend JessieLee.  I ran into them at the Hot Movies party of course, like every other picture up this week.  Jada and Jessie had just been arrested hours earlier for something that they had nothing to do with.  It was a complete wrong place, wrong time situation.  They had little temporary ID’s with their mug shots on it.  Jessie gave me hers for some reason.  It is pretty awesome.  Speaking of pretty awesome, Jada is pretty awesome. Jada is her dancing name, but she told me her real name first, and then for some reason that was not explained to me, my friend Nicole was calling her “Den Mother”.  This all got very confusing, and it took her a really long time to get and pay for her sandwich at Wawa after the party.  She is pretty out of control and I think everyone had a pretty great time hanging out with her.  She guarded my bag while I shot Strip For Pain and she tag team wrasseled with this guy Tim, Nicola and I.  It was good times all around.  I hope we get to hang out with her more in the future.  Here are some photos of her mostly naked, although I probably should have taken more, it was just in the middle of the VIP room and people kept walking by. NSFW.



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