Rok Bar – Miami, FL – 3.29.08

So earlier in the day I was shooting this penthouse party (pictures coming as soon as I get paid) and I ran into MSTRKRFT who I had met at SXSW.  They invited me to their show at Rok Bar later that night.  When I went I was with a bunch of cute girls and the guy who was throwing the Sunday night party at Rok Bar.  Somehow they couldn’t get in and I could.  It was pretty funny.  I found Bronques and he got them in, but it was pretty funny.  An hour later I was standing out side and they wouldn’t let the president of Modular Recordings in for some insane reason and I had to get him in too.  That was pretty funny.  The door guy was all like “if he is with you, he’s in”.  Which of course is insane, but I was still pretty amused.

Anyway, the party was a lot of fun but I had almost no sleep at this point so I ended up turning in towards the end of MSRKFT’s 3am set.  I was exhausted.  Anyway, there are a few great shots in here somewhere.






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