Lady Gaga @ Score – Miami, FL – 3.27.08

So I meant to post these a while ago but I sort of completely forgot about them.

The first night I was in Miami I crashed with my friend Brendan who was DJing for Lady Gaga. His label got him this huge hotel room, except that his set time was at 2am and he had to leave for the air port at 6am so he did not get to use it. I however did. Thanks Interscope!

Anyway, Lady Gaga was playing at the gayest of gay clubs called Score in South Beach. I have been to a lot of gay parties in NYC, but like, these dudes were all tan and wearing Abercrombie. These guys were all straight during the work day… either that or they were total bears and all hairy and bald and out of control. It was pretty much a gay frat party. That being said Lady Gaga pretty much killed it and I got to shoot some fun stuff and play around with long exposures and stuff. The strobe lights made things tough, but I got some interesting stuff anyway. Check it.

Oh yeah, it was also her birthday, so there are some photos of her and cake on here too.

Click here to see all the photos of Lady Gaga at Winter Music in Miami.

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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga


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