Fader Fort & The Rest Of SXSW

Okay! This is the last South By Southwest update and the first one not typed up in Austin. Usually it’s the exact opposite but this was a very different SXSW for me this year. I didn’t do much and I am not too mad about it. I didn’t see a lot of bands but I did see a lot of friends and I did some pretty great photo shoots including a fairly epic one with two babes on the last day of SXSW instead of doing SXSW things. Anyway, let’s talk about Fader Fort.

Fader Fort is one of the biggest events outside of SXSW at SXSW if that makes any sense. It’s not an official event that happens every year and everyone goes and it’s a whole thing. I have covered it a lot but I haven’t been in a couple years because I was working too much. This year I didn’t actually RSVP but fortunately I was with my Playboy editor Leila when she was going and she got me in. We walked in right as Playboi Carti was playing and so of course she had to interview him because of the Playboy/Playboi thing. I shot a few photos of him live and him with his surprise guest ASAP Rocky and then we went back stage for the interview and a took a couple portraits. I shot Lil Yachty back there too for Playboy and got a few shots of him live as well.

A couple days later I checked out Fader Fort again and the only artist I saw was a dude named Super Duper Kyle who has a song that I had heard but I don’t really know anything about him. He put on a hell of a show though and I had a good time. At the end of his set he actually crowd surfed on an actual surf board. It was pretty amazing honestly.

So yeah, Fader Fort went for several days and I only shot three artists so this gallery isn’t that impressive. To make up for it I have a second gallery filled with some random shots I took along the way. Most of it is just stuff I shot in the streets. There’s a few shots of LA Riots DJing and a shot of Hannibal Buress and his grill which matches nicely with Lil Yachty’s grill so that works well for the images below. Anyway, just look at the galleries right below this paragraph and shout out to North Face for the free jacket even though it was the wrong size.

Click here to see all the photos from the 2017 SXSW Fader Fort!

And click here to see the random SXSW photos I had left over!

Super Duper Kyle


Lil Yachty

Hannibal Buress

Playboi Carti


ASAP Rocky

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Hair Of The Three Legged Dog – 3.17.17

What’s this? Another SXSW post while SXSW is still happening? Yeah, that’s a thing but this one is gonna be way shorter than the last. Yesterday I finally got to work for my favorite client Sailor Jerry. I have shot the last few SXSWs for them but this year we only did the one event but it was a fun one.

The Austin Chronicle throws a party every year called Hair of the Three Legged Dog named after their office dog Hank. Bands play and money is raised for Austin Pets Alive. Sailor Jerry sponsored and so did Fleshlight which was kinda amazing.

I wasn’t there the whole time but with two stages I got to see a bunch of bands. Think No Think was playing when I got there and the end of their set was real fun. My friends White Mystery played after that and they are always fucking great. Black Lips played after them and while their band has changed a bunch since the last time I saw them they were still a good time. Creepoid played inside after that. I met them last year after seeing them play for like one song so it was cool to see them play a full set. And finally I caught Telle Novella play on my way out. Good vibes all around. Oh and Al Lover played a bunch of records.

Plus as an exciting bonus for you guys shot a couple of portraits Sailor Jerry brand ambassador Daniel “Gravy” Thomas as well. Okay, enough delicious 92 proof spiced corporate branding, let’s look at some photos!

Click here to see all the photos from the Austin Chronicle’s Hair of the Three Legged Dog SXSW Day party at Barracuda! 

Black Lips

White Mystery

Telle Novella

Daniel "Gravy" Thomas



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IHeartComix SXSW Showcase – 3.15.17

This has been one of my weirder South By Southwest experiences. After 14 of these things in a row I am very used to working 20 hour days and not sleeping for a week straight and shooting thousands of images a day. This year? Not so much.

I have a few jobs this week but mostly I have been just hanging out, seeing friends and eating food. I was pretty upset when the jobs I thought I had lined up fell through (especially because I didn’t bother to get a press pass or RSVP for anything) but honestly it’s been a lot of fun and super stress free which is not something I ever thought I would say about SXSW.

I even had time to do this update while I am in Austin, so let’s catch you guys up…

On Tuesday I did my first ever shoot Playboy which was kinda great. I’ve wanted to shoot for Playboy forever so it was kinda a dream come true. In my high school year book they did one of those “In 20 years…” things and mine was “Playboy photographer” which I beat by a few years but shout out to whoever on the yearbook staff came up with that.

On Wednesday I went down to Fader Fort with my Playboy editor and she interviewed Playboi Carti because how could she not and we did a thing for Playboy’s social with Lil Yachty. I shot photos for that stuff and shot them performing live as well. I will get that stuff up later.

Anyway, on Wednesday night I hit the IHeartComix showcase at Clearport ATX because my friends and current favorite live band Ho99o9 were playing. They are one of the most insane bands around and they have a new album dropping soon so I had to go hang and shoot them. When I got to the party Sad13 were playing and I got a few shots of them.

Pomo was next and they played super smooth dance music. I dug it but I couldn’t imagine what people were going to think of Ho99o9 after grooving to Pomo. Sweater Beats was DJing after them so it was a really weird idea to put an insane punk band in between that stuff but shout out to Franki Chan for booking it. I love shows like that.

When Ho99o9 got on the place exploded. A mosh pit broke out even before they started playing. It was fucking wonderful and it lasted for all of two songs before a fight broke out and a bunch of kids rushed past the bouncers working the door and suddenly it was complete chaos. The club had no idea how to deal with any of it so they just cut the music as club security dealt with a mosh pit like people were rioting.

So the show got shut down after 5 amazing minutes and when we got out side kids just started tearing down all the Ho99o9 posters and took them all home before the cops even  showed up. Good times.

I didn’t shoot a ton of photos because I was mostly there to see Ho99o9 and they only played for a second, but the photos are probably worth looking at anyway. I mean if you read this far down the page you probably care enough to spend a few more minutes looking at 30 photos right?

So click here to see the pictures of Ho99o9 and more from the 2017 IHeartComix SXSW Showcase.

IHeartComix SXSW Showcase

IHeartComix SXSW Showcase

IHeartComix SXSW Showcase

IHeartComix SXSW Showcase

IHeartComix SXSW Showcase

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Ellen Stagg Dirty Girl Collection Release Party – 3.2.17

Last week my friend and fellow naked lady photographer Ellen Stagg did a book signing for her new book “Dirty Girl Collection” at the Museum of Sex. Ellen asked me to shoot the party and given that I have had a mild crush on her for the decade that I have known her it seemed like I had to come shoot. Plus wherever she goes babes show up and she gave me a copy of her rad book so I as pumped.

The signing was a lot of fun. I ran into a ton of friends and there was a cake made by my pal Ashley Holt who made cupcakes for my Dinner With Igor book release. Clearly she is a big fan of baking for art book parties.

Ellen also had my old friend Penny Wren and another burlesque babe Gigi Bonbon flanking her to help sell books and serve booze which was not the worst thing photographically.

I had a great time with everyone, took some fun photos and came home with a lovely book to add to my absurd photo book collection so all in all it was  great night.

Click here to buy Ellen’s new book “Dirty Girl Collection”.

And click here to see all the photos from the Dirty Girl book signing at Museum of Sex!

Ellen Stagg Dirty Girl Collection Book Release Party

Ellen Stagg Dirty Girl Collection Book Release Party

Ellen Stagg Dirty Girl Collection Book Release Party

Ellen Stagg Dirty Girl Collection Book Release Party

Ellen Stagg Dirty Girl Collection Book Release Party

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Melt With Me – 2.16.17

Last week my friend and absurdly awesome artist Buff Monster had his first ever sculpture show at the pop up space 168 Bowery. This was actually the first art show in the space but I sort of have a feeling more people will try and use the spot for art after Buff’s successful show.

Buff made a ton of these little concrete sculptures of his iconic “Mister Melty” ice cream monster and then there was a big one that he told me that he had been working on for over a year. I wanna see the next one made out of bronze.

The show also featured some paintings and free booze from Soto Sake. They weren’t paying me but to be honest I do so much sponsored event branding stuff I feel like I have to mention it anyway.

Really I was just there to hang out and check out Buff’s new work. Ran into a bunch of friends including Ellen Stagg who has a book release that I am shooting in early March, Sucklord who I am hopefully going to be making toys with and Matty (and Alex) from Three Kings who did my Buff Monster tattoo.

Anyway, fun event and glad I finally got the photos up. I gotta leave for LA for a week tomorrow so wanted to make sure I gave you this stuff before I left. Gonna try and get another update ready before I leave so I have something else to post this week but now I gotta scan some more Instax and pack.

Now click here to see the photos from Buff Monster’s sculpture show Melt With Me.

Buff Monster Melt With Me

Buff Monster Melt With Me

Buff Monster Melt With Me

Buff Monster Melt With Me

Buff Monster Melt With Me

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Dirty Valentine’s Day – 2.14.17

Last week I had some art in the third annual Get Summered Valentine’s Day erotic art show. It was at Tender Trap and I sold a photo of Heather Vahn and then it turned out the buyer never came back to pay and so I guess I didn’t actually sell it but the party was fun.

I took my friend Holly Beth who kinda pretended to be my Valentine despite the fact that we weren’t actually on a date but she did let me take a few photos of her topless so that’s important.

Kinda the highlight of this gallery is the pole dancing from “Incredipole” which is kinda an incredipole name for a crew of pole dancers honestly.

Also there was another naked babe at the end who I have no idea who she is but I wanna take more photos of her so if anyone knows her let me know.

This gallery is way late so I am just gonna end this write up here but shout out to everyone who put this on and all my friends in the show, Smurfo, Insuh, Myles & Diana. Was cool being in a show with you guys. Also Nakid sponsored the show and I just shot something for them, so that’s cool too. Now let’s get on to the photos.

Now click here to see the (NSFW!) photos from Dirty at Tender Trap.






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A-Bar Opening Night – 1.13.17

Friday the 13th is the perfect night for a tattoo artist to open a bar. My friend Matty No Times and his partners launched A-Bar last night in Greenpoint. The bar looked great and it was packed all night. Too packed almost… I could barely take photos because I was too close to everyone! It was a great time and I saw a bunch of old friends (including a girl I went to homecoming with in like 1998!) but the highlight was probably when they branded a big A on the door to officially christen the place.

Now that you know about the party I am going to tell you a long pointless story about how I ended up there. Firstly I met Matty at the one year anniversary their tattoo shop Three Kings back in 2009. A year later Matty needed a liver transplant and Inked Magazine sent me to shoot his benefit. After that we started running into each other a lot more at Sailor Jerry events that we worked together but at all those Sailor Jerry events Matty never tattooed me.

Now we skip 2014 and the time that I bought a photo of Eazy E from NYC photo icon Ricky Powell. He took my photo and it ended up on Frank 151. I ended up making it my Facebook photo for a minute and that brings me to the next part of this pointless story: Buff Monster.

Buff Monster is a friend and an amazing artist and he needed some new press photos. I am a huge fan of bartering and I am kinda obsessed with Buff’s Melty Misfits. Melty Misfits are Buff’s own version of the Garbage Pail kids I (and every boy in the 80’s) collected as a kid. I told him I would shoot his press photos if he drew me as a Melty Misfit.

Buff went through my Facebook photos to find a good reference and ended up using the photo Ricky Powell shot of me for the drawing. When Buff gave the drawing to me I decided to get it tattooed on me. I asked him if there were any tattoo artists that dug his work and would want to do it and of all people he mentioned Matty.

Totally coincidentally I was in Three Kings a few days earlier and Matty told me that he needs a photographer from time to time and would be willing to trade a tattoo for photography work. I told him I was down whenever he needed me so when Buff mentioned Matty I hit him up immediately and that’s how I ended up with this sweet Matty/Ricky/Buff tattoo of myself!

So finally we come full circle and I am finally paying Matty back for that tattoo. Moral of the story is barter for everything. Money is for capitalist oppressors and people who like to eat food and have shelter. The end.

Anyway, congrats to Matty and Alex and all the other A-Bar partners on their new bar. It looks great. And keep opening more spots so I can come back and photograph them for more tattoos!

Click here to see all the photos from the opening of A-Bar in Greenpoint!

Ps. Buy my book.

Matty No Times





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AVN Nomination Party, New Merch & More

After being gone for nearly all of November I am finally back in NYC! I have so much to do this week and so much to get to so let’s get to it as quickly as we can! Make sure you read the whole thing!

First up is the photos from the AVN Nomination party that I shot more than a week ago in LA. I totally forgot to get these photos up but some of them were already up on the LA Weekly. This gallery has a LOT more photos and a lot of nudity. The party featured a wild performance from Ty Dolla $ign and a ton of my friends were nominated for awards so congrats guys.

Click here to see all the photos from the 2016 AVN Nomination Party at Avalon in Hollywood.

Ty Dolla $ign

Kristina Rose & Mick Blue High Five

AVN Nomination Party

Speaking of people that were nominated for AVN Awards my friend Abella Danger was nominated for a ton of awards including Female Performer of the Year. Back in June I took some random photos of Abella in her bed filled with emjoi pillows. The photos were just shot with my on camera flash and are really mediocre from a technical standpoint, BUT they are still really fucking hot and a lot of them are honestly too explicit to post on this site anyway. Fortunately for you when I take mediocre but sexy photos they get uploaded to the Girls of Driven By Boredom which features all the girl photos you see on here, but also a lot of exclusive stuff including a lot more graphic shots that I never post on the main site.

Click here (and sign up) to see all these Abella Danger emoji pillow photos on Girls of DBB!

Abella Danger

Finally I have some new merch to bring you guys!

The black on black Driven By Boredom snapback hats are back. I just got 10 of them made (well a dozen but I am keeping two) so they (hopefully) shouldn’t be around too long. Since I missed Black Friday and Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday and Ayn Rand Sunday I am gonna make the hats $3 cheaper and include an DBB enamel pin for free for the rest of this week!

Click here to get your DBB Snapback!

DBB Snapback

This brings us to the DBB Enamel pins! I just got some really awesome DBB Enamel pins in the mail. Most people charge $10 for enamel pins because they have no respect for you. My pins are just $6 (with free US shipping!) because margins on pins are fucking stupid and I can pretty much make my money back  as long as I sell like 20 of them. These things are super hip right now and clearly you need one so you can look as cool as all your friends. Did I mention you get one free with a DBB Snapback? Get on it.

Click here to get your DBB Enamel pin! 

DBB Enamel Pin

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Death Rites – 10.28.16

Happy Halloween, etc. On Saturday night I went to this party Death Rites at the Gateway. Last time I was there I ran into my friend Jamie Peck and she told me she was doing her Halloween party there. I had a weird time at the last time I went to one of her Halloween parties so I figured it was something to do… and it was.

My old pal Lauren Flax was DJing and there were a bunch of bands playing. I only saw two of them because I got there after midnight like an asshole. I saw Bootblacks and Xeno & Oaklander I think but I mostly spent my time on the roof because my costume was far too hot to wear inside.

I had no plans to dress up and I have been half-assing Halloween since like 2007 when I bleached my hair and cut it into a mullet to go as MacGyver. There is a new (and truly terrible) MacGyver on TV right now but I didn’t quite have it in me. But I do happen to have a terrifying spiked baseball bat that I actually carved myself for a college sculpture class and I did just get an amazing leather jacket… When I combined those two things with my roommates scarf and a gallon of hair product I ended up with a pretty convincing Negan costume which is probably the best costume I have had since I was Freddy Kruger when I was 8. Unfortunately they wouldn’t let me in The Gateway with a terrifying weapon so my costume wasn’t quite as flawless as I wanted it to be. If you don’t know who Negan is and you feel like having one of the biggest moments of The Walking Dead ruined for you, please click here.

I am probably gonna go out again just so I can wear my Negan costume again but I kinda think I might just dress like him from now on… Maybe I will just roam the streets threatening strangers with a baseball bat until the cops show up.

Oh, right there was a party that I went to and there are photos to look at. Oh, and there was a make out coffin. That seems important somehow.

Now click here to see the photos from Death Rites Halloween party at The Gateway.

Death Rites Halloween Party

Death Rites Halloween Party

Death Rites Halloween Party

Death Rites Halloween Party

Death Rites Halloween Party

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