Another Post Office Live Blog

I have done several Post Office live blogs on my Twitter and people have seemed to love them so a few weeks ago when I did one I took screen shots of my Tweets and then instead of posting about them I totally forgot about them.  Yesterday I had an actually almost positive experience at the Post Office and it reminded me that I never posted the last live blog.  So guess what? You get to enjoy this shit today.  Hip hip hurray.

Here are a few things you need to know before reading this. One is that my post office is the Williamsburg Post Office. I have never been to a worse Post Office before but I hear that there are actually worse ones in NYC.  I find that hard to believe. Secondly the blog mentions two photos, one of them is a blurry picture of people standing around so you can just imagine that one, the other is a man sitting in a folding chair that he brought with him.  I have uploaded that for your pleasure so click here if you want to see it.  And lastly, remember to read these from the bottom to the top because that’s how Twitter works or something.


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Mini Post Office Live Blog

Everyone seems to love my post office live blogs via Twitter. I figured I would give you another one.  It was only a few Tweets but I think posting this is a better idea than going outside in this damn snow. I had a big photo shoot canceled today because of the snow so I will be damned if I am going to leave my house any time soon. If models can’t make it to me, I can’t make it out side of my building.

Anyway, this live blog contains two bonus Tweets.  Moments after I left the Post Office I went to the bank and New York Jets fat fuck of a head coach Rex Ryan was at the bank. He was wearing a miss matched Jets sweat suit and an ugly Jets hat. What a mess. I would have talked shit but he was with his family which might explain what the Hell he was doing in Williamsburg. Also when I was at the post office I bought 20 post card stamps so I can mail out some of the extra Christmas cards I made 2 years ago. If you want one, I still have a few stamps left, hit me with an email.

And remember you can get up to the minute brillance like this daily by following me on Twitter.


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Post Office Live Blog

Whenever anyone mentions Twitter to me, they somehow bring up the time I live blogged from the Post Office.  I am not sure what it was about that, but everyone seems to have seen it and remembered it.  Fortunately I was unfortunate enough to have another particularly bad trip to the Post Office today.  They didn’t have the package pick up line open, but they didn’t tell anyone that until 30 minutes after I had waited in that line.  People were pretty much losing their shit from the moment I got there.  The Williamsburg Post Office is honestly the worst place I have ever been and I have spent a lot of time in both Texas AND Delaware.  So, for your reading pleasure I present to you Post Office Live Blog Part 2.  Please keep in mind to read it from bottom to top, and as always, please follow me on Twitter to enjoy things like this in real time. I was on point this morning.


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Post Office Live Blog

One of the most exciting things about Twitter is that you have the ability to live blog so easily.  Twitter really soared in popularity when people started blogging major news stories in real time.  Using Twitter to live blog has been used my media and just everyday people to cover all sorts of exciting events.  My whole life is just a series of exciting events after another so this tool is very useful for me to bring you, the fan, into my wild and crazy life… Why just last week I brought you a live blog of Fast & Furious, just 7 days after it came out!  And today I took live blogging one step further… I live blogged from the post office!!

In case you somehow missed my exciting (and slightly xenophobic) adventures live, I am posting the full transcript for your amusement and education below. Remember to read it from bottom to top… You don’t want to ruin the surprise twist ending…. Get excited!


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Fast & Furious Live Blog

I was somehow convinced by my friend Barry to see The Fast And The Furious 4, which is actually just called Fast & Furious. Because I had to sit through this, I decided to make it that much tougher for my fellow film goers by spending the entire movie on my cell phone. Now if someone was doing this while I was watching a movie, I would be enraged, but since it was Fast & Furious, I think it just added to the ambiance. I thought we would make the viewing a little art project, so I decided to live blog the whole thing. Below I have posted that account. Keep in mind that you should start from the bottom and read up because it is in reverse order and remember, my Twitter is full of brilliance like this so follow it here.

Also a few comments about the Tweets: a) I was twittering under my jacket so their are some typos and misspellings. b) I called all the girls sluts because none of them were wearing pants. In real life I am 100% pro-slut. c) There were no F&FI flashbacks… I was mistaken… I deeply apologize for misleading people. Now, onto the live blog…


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