Orlando Fan Signs

So, let’s get old school for a minute.  Back in the day (teh day?) people used to send me fan signs all the time.  The idea was you would write my name on your boobs and I would post it and give you a link and then people would come to my site to see the boobs and go to your site, to see more boobs.  Unfortunately I don’t really know any cam girls anymore, but I used to know TONS of them back in the day.  One of those girls was named Nay.  And guess where she’s from?  Orlando.  As you probably know I was just in Orlando and I met some of her friends and she added me on myspace, and we talked back and forth and realized that we knew each other in 2001.  The thing is… she was 14 then, and I mostly just made fun of the creeps who hit on her on my site.  Now she is 21 and has fake boobs and is a reasonable human.   She is actually helping me redesign my site… at least the parts mentioned in my last update.  Anyway, she made me an old school fan sign.  No boobs in it though.  Hopefully those will come soon.  Anyway, check out her new blog and her fan sign…

The two fan signs below it are also from Orlando.  The top one I took right before I left Orlando.  One of the guys I was staying with passed the fuck out so I wrote on him.  The bottom one is Ali and Kat and they are cute.  They got wasted on Tequila and Tacos and took this picture before we went to Carnival.  Fun.

If you want some traffic and me to link you, send me a fan sign.  It just has to be funny or sexy or both.  Check out these for example… some are better than others.




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Sarah Soda’s DBB Fansign

I love the new stickers I got.  I have not taken them to full advantage.  I have put 400 of them up all over the LES and East Village, but I only put two on real live boobs.  This is a terrible mistake.  I miss getting fan signs.  I think YOU should send me one RIGHT NOW.

Check out more of Sarah, and a whole bunch other DBB fan signs here.


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New Fan Sign!

I met this girl Juicy the other night and took naked photos of her and Bella Vendetta in of all places a bathroom.  She emailed me telling me that she was now obsessed with my website and wanted to make me fan signs.  I haven’t had a fan sign in a while so I am glad to have one.  I posted some more naked ones here including one where she pinned the sign to her lower stomach with piercing play pins.  Fun.  If anyone out there wants to do something funny, or get naked for a fan sign, I would be glad to post it and link it to whatever you want to plug.  Just email me the sign.  Cool.

And from Juicy’s email a short disclaimer:

OK these are awful and I’ve learned:
1. I make a face that makes my jaw look like a man’s
2. I need to find someone to take my picture for me

Don’t worry, I am sure I can find someone somewhere to take more naked photos of you…


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Fan Signs In HD!

I moved all my fan signs over from 476. Check them out in full resolution (although most are very small files anyway). I always need more of these, so if you want to be on my site, send me a photo. I like the boob ones, but if you don’t have boobs, or don’t like yours, be creative. Some of these are NSFW, many are not.


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So, my site was working perfectly, but I uploaded it twice, once with all the files reading .htm and once with .html. I am not sure why this happened, but it was confusing things. So right now, despite it working perfectly, I am deleting everything and reuploading. Once it is reuploaded it should work perfectly, it is just going to take a long fucking time to do that. Just to delete all these photos it is going to take 2 hours. So, I am going to go to a movie, then when I get back, I am going to reupload this thing, and hopefully it will be up by midnight. I am so furious. I cannot deal with this sort of bullshit. It does not make any sense. I apologize for the lack of updates.

So have some boobs. Last night I ran into my friend Tracy who has seen all my fan signs. She wanted to do one. I had a pretty boring night last night, so writing BORED on her boobs with an eyebrow pencil was the highlight. Then she had to go to work and I went to San Loco. Click her to check out more fansigns on my myspace page.


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Fan Sign!

I need to sleep, so I haven’t updated photos in two days. I have stuff from Trash and Glamdammit to go up. There are some okay photos in the lot. That being said, hopefully that stuff will go up tonight before I go to Byte. To hold you over I have a fan sign for you. Be sure to send yours in today! Send me a fan sign, and I will link your blog or your myspace or something! Exciting! Anyway, click the boobs to see real live actual nipples! NIPPLES! That is what you are here for isn’t it? (update: link fixed)


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New Fan Signs

Thanks to an old friend, we got some new fan signs.  Thanks dear.  Check out the others here.  Who wants to send me more?


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Fan Signs: Part 2 – Not Girls

My website used to get a lot of fan signs.  Most of them were of half naked girls, as you can see here.  That being said, my favorite ones were not of boobs.  I had one from Mark McKinney from Kids in The Hall, Lloyd Kaufman of Troma and my favorite photographer Glen E. Friedman. I had someone scan their face and someones robot arm.  I had someone spell BORED out in weed and someone write Drivenbyboredom on their car window.  Anyway, I love these signs, and I hope I get more in the future.  If you want to make one for me, send it in and I will link whatever you want


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Fan Signs: Part 1 – Girls

Back in the day people used to send me all sorts of fan signs. This was the cool thing to do at some point. What would happen would be some naked girl would send me some picture with my website on her boobs and then I would link her. She would get traffic, and people would come to my site because I had boobs on it. It was a good system and everyone loved it. However, these days I do not know any cam girls or anything like that. I don’t hang out on the stileproject forums or anything. I also don’t drive as much traffic… yet. So fan signs for me might be a little hard to come by. That being said, if you want to send me one, I will post it. That is for sure. I will probably talk some friends into doing it too. Enjoy the fan boobs.

PS. I know there has been a lot of nudity on my site recently. I just have received some big links from adult websites, so I am trying to keep those visitors happy. While there will always be some nudity on this site, once these links die off, there will be less of it on the front page. That being said, if you are here for the nudity, don’t worry… I will still hook it up once in a while.


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