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Hey! I made these the other day. I am not sure they are up to par with my earlier works, but maybe my earlier works weren’t very good either. If you aren’t up to speed, there are a million people who have redone Family Circus captions over the years, but mine were pretty popular on the internet back in he day. I still get hits from the old gallery all the time, so I figured I would bring them back. I haven’t done a lot of new ones, but if you click here, you can see them all here starting with the new ones and working back. It is nice to come back to them now and again when I am bored and need some new content. You know, for the kids.




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New Dysfunctional Family Circus Strips

I was going to do a post of a bunch of viral videos I liked today, but I felt that was better suited as a weekend post, plus if you are any sort of internet geek you have probably seen them all so instead I worked on editing some fucked up Family Circus cartoons.  If you haven’t seen the ones I have done in the past, you should click here to see them.  I am still a bit under the weather so I only did 3 because I am not sure I am mentally quite on point today.  The Swine Flu is eating my mind. Pretty soon I will be slowly walking around shopping malls with a strange hunger for human brains.  It has happened before.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy the sometime funny, always upsetting Dysfunctional Family Circus.




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Return Of the Dysfunctional Family Circus

Oh, boy.  The Dysfunctional Family Circus is back.  I have been meaning to make new ones of these for so long and kept putting it off but fortunately for you I couldn’t put it off any longer.  You see I found this today.  It is a question to an online exam.  It asks the student to take a serious critical look at my offensive cartoons.  They even call me an “artist”.  I am not sure what sort of family studies exam would even think about sending their students to my website, but hey, it inspired me.  Check out the newest three comics in a series I have not worked on in several years.  I hope you dig them, or at least are at least pretty pissed at me.  I think I may have crossed the line a little bit on the last one…




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Time To Get Back To Work

I have avoided putting these last three Family Circus cartoons up because they are the last ones I have left from 2001.  I guess I am going to have to make some new ones now.  I am sort of excited about doing it, but also extremely lazy so let’s see what happens.  I should have 7 years of new Circuses to work with so I think I can come up with something funny.  Until then, check out the last three from back in the day and lets push onward into our Circused future.




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Food, Folks And Fun

I seriously only have one more update of cartoons that I made nearly 7 years ago. This has been my favorite things to post when I was running low on content… like today when I spent most of my day and night trying to get my life in order.



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Mommy Is A Pedophile

Nothing says funny like pedophile jokes!  Mommy is a sex predator!

After these there are just 5 more circles left…



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Sorry About The Offensive And Bigoted Family Circus Cartoons…

Well, Black History Month is half way over so I might as well put the most racist and offensive Family Circus Cartoon I made up.  I thought about not putting it up again, but fuck it.  The idea of cute little Billy saying the N Word is just too damn funny.  I also paired it with a nice reasonably homophobic cartoon because I thought they made a cute pair.  Sorry.



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Family Fun Time

I am now out of black and white Family Circus cartoons.  The top one is my favorite fan sign of all time.  Billy is just sooo cute.



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More Family Circus

We are now more than half way through getting these old Dysfunctional Family Circus cartoons up.   And I need to start making new ones soon because the further and further along we get the less funny these get.  I still think the phone sex one is adorable.



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