Melissa Moore & Cassidy Klein In 35mm

I have been back in town for a while and I am not sure I have taken a single picture with my digital camera since I’ve been back. I’ve shot some film and some polaroids and I have been hard at work doing stuff like making new Christmas cards (more on that later…), band practice (first show since May on Friday!) and working on this god damn naked polaroid book and the fucking Kickstarter video. The video needs a Kickstarter of it’s own. Worked on the edit all last night and it’s still not done. Anyway, enough of that, let’s look at some photos.

Speaking of not taking any photos with my digital camera, when I shot Cassidy Klein & Melissa Moore I almost exclusively shot film. I was going to shoot Melissa in my creepy LA motel room and Cassidy outside somewhere but Melissa showed up late and Cassidy showed up early and they ended up both showing up at my motel within 20 minutes of each other. I starting shooting digital but the light was ugly so I kinda gave up and shot point and shoot 35mm stuff since the flash looks raw and “cool” that way instead of just looking like shitty photography.

After the shoot they didn’t want to leave because of traffic and my hotel had a hot tub so I ordered a giant pizza and hung out in a hot tub with babes for an hour or something and then they had to shower so I shot some more photos and it was kinda a fantastic way to spend an afternoon. Those girls are kinda great.

When I got the 20 rolls of film back from my trip I noticed I had enough of Melissa & Cassidy to do a whole post so that’s what I did since I don’t have a digital set to put up. Plus it’s nice to post some of my film work on DBB from time to time…. I’m gonna start posting more film on my Instagram too.

Since I always want to give subscribers to Girls of Driven By Boredom a little extra content I uploaded some of the Polaroid’s (okay, Instax Wide technically) to Girls of DBB. I figured that way they get some extra stuff and it gives people a reason to get mildly excited about my instant film book.

Okay, after you go get your Driven By Boredom Christmas card come back and look at some damn photos.

Click here to see some seedy 35mm LA motel photos of Cassidy Klein & Melissa Moore!

Melissa Moore & Cassidy Klein In 35mm

Melissa Moore

Cassidy Klein


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West Coast Road Trip Part 2: Lucy Everleigh

I should probably split this into two updates but I am not going to. I am going to give you way too many photos to look at and you should absolutely look at all of them because some of them are actually pretty good and the other ones at least are fairly interesting.

When we last left my West Coast Road trip I had abandoned April O’Neil in San Francisco and had driven to SFO airport and had picked up Lucy Everleigh. Over the next 9 days I would have to deal with Lucy’s love of ska and emo music, but also she was naked most of the time we were together so it’s hard to complain too much.

We immediately got the fuck out of San Francisco and started driving north as fast as possible Portland is 10 hours away and there was fun to be had there so we needed to get pretty close the first day. We made it within a couple hours of Portland with quick stops in Weed, CA and an actual store that sells weed on the Oregon/ CA border.

Lucy smokes a good bit and had to leave her weed at home but once you hit Oregon you can just walk into a store and buy it. Lucy stopped off and got whatever reasonable thing she got and I had a conversation with the person behind the counter about what would help me sleep. I think smoking is pretty boring but I suck at sleep and the few times in my life I have taken edibles they worked pretty well for sleep. I ended up with some tiny candy that the woman said would do the trick.

We got to a motel in the middle of nowhere and because it was after 10pm everything was closed. We ordered Domino’s because that was the only food option and Lucy smoked and I ate the candy. By the time the food showed up I was barely human and essentially was fucking helpless. Lucy and I have hung out a few times but it was probably not the best look to devolve into a baby the first time we spent more than a couple hours together. Lucy had a super early flight and went to bed right after dinner, but I woke her up to talk about the bread sticks. “What if bread were butter?” I asked. It was an interesting first night.

The next day we went to Portland and met up with my friend Chelsea who got a Driven By Boredom tattoo the day after we met because she is both insane and amazing. She took us to some sort of rose garden where we shot Lucy naked in public. Those photos are gonna be on Wood Rocket (NSFW) soon but I am including a few 35mm shots in this gallery. That night we met up with legendary alt model Apneatic (aka Amanda) who have known online for years but never met. Her and her boyfriend took us to a Tiki Bar where they were doing karaoke and our waiter was wearing a single fake tattoo sleeve. I wanted to murder them for it, but they made up for it the next day.

In the morning we met up with some cam girl friends of Lucy’s named Ivy Aura and Artemis Moon for brunch. I had made plans to shoot Amanda in the woods after brunch and Ivy and Artemis decided they wanted to come too. I shot all four girls in the woods and it was awesome and we didn’t get attacked by any wild animals. It was great.

Ivy and Artemis left and for some reason Amanda and her boyfriend thought it would be a good idea to go to an hourly rate hot tub which is an actual thing. Aside from it being insanely creepy it was also kinda amazing and I took some fun photos of Amanda and Lucy in the tub. Oh and then we drove to Seattle.

We got to Seattle pretty late and crashed with our mutual friend, cam girl Hunny Daniels. The next morning we went into the city and got lunch with my friend Steak who is amazing and runs the clothing brand Teenage. It was pride week and all the waiters were dressed as Rocky Horror characters and we got Frank N. Furter so clearly we got the best waiter.

After that Lucy, Hunny and I met up with my friend Romance and did a photo shoot in this mildly fancy hotel room we rented. Apparently hotels are cheap as fuck in the Seattle suburbs. We also got a bunch of mediocre seafood and had an awkward hotel party. Good times.

The next day Lucy and Hunny did their own thing and I went and met up with my favorite ex-girlfriend Kimberly Kane. She moved right outside of Seattle and has this new weird suburban life I had to check out and I got to play with her dog for two days which is pretty much the main reason I drove to Seattle in the first place.

The next day KK and I met up with Lily LaBeau who also lives in the Seattle area and we hiked (okay, mostly we just drove) Mt. Rainier. It was fucking beautiful and I almost didn’t mind that I didn’t get cell phone reception even though I complained the whole time. Lily and I did a fucking amazing shoot that will be coming to Wood Rocket soon too. Again I included a few 35mm outtakes from the shoot in this gallery but most of the good stuff I am saving for Wood Rocket.

The next morning I picked up Lucy and we made our journey back down the coast. We hit Portland and got matching bath tub tattoos because we couldn’t think of anything dumber. We met up with Ivy and Amanda’s boyfriend and he took us to some insane castle restaurant or something. Oh, and at some point on the trip we met up with another cam girl friend of Lucy’s named Hayli but I totally forgot about that until I just looked at all the photos.

Lucy and my last stop before we both flew out of San Francisco was a random hotel in the middle of fucking nowhere. I only mention it because it was next door to this little diner and we had to check in at the diner. The guy who checked us in was also the only cook and the only waiter and as far as we could tell the only employee of either establishment. It seemed like we were the only people on our floor of the hotel so we shot some naked photos in the hallway and of course did a bath tub photo shoot with Lucy’s bathtub tattoo.

Anyway, this whole trip was fucking amazing and I could write another 10,000 words about it but I am just gonna shut the fuck up and let you look at pictures. It was an awesome two weeks and was really great to get to spend so much time hanging out with April and Lucy and seeing old friends and meeting new ones and all that shit. I shot a bunch of great content for Wood Rocket and a ton of 35mm stuff for myself and I even got a couple digital shoots coming soon too.

I love fucking road trips and I just need to find how to get paid to go on them all the time because this stuff is all I want to do and I always get the best photos from them. Big thanks to Wood Rocket for sponsoring the trip. Now go look at the photos already.

This gallery has 98 photos in it, but there are 110 photos in the high res gallery over on Girls of Driven By Boredom. What could be in those extra 12 photos? You’ll never know unless you sign up.

Now click here to see the massive NSFW 35m gallery of photos from the second part of my West Coast Road Trip with Lucy Everleigh and friends! 

Lucy Everleigh

Weed, California

Lucy, Steak & Hunny

Lily Labeau On Mt. Rainer

Lucy Everleigh

Lucy Everleigh & Apneatic Hot Tubs

Hunny Daniels & Lucy Everleigh

Artemis Moon, Ivy Aura & Apneatic

Lucy Everleigh

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West Coast Road Trip Part 1: April O’Neil

So this has been a weird week for me. I got back from vacation and I was slowly getting my life together between getting ready for my band’s second show and a couple Tinder dates. But then the show got canceled and I managed to get unreasonably sick. I haven’t really left my apartment since Sunday. It’s been great. On top of that I dropped off my camera to get fixed (the top screen cracked) and they told me it would be 3-5 days and now it’s going to be a month cause of parts they need. I am going to get my camera back but I haven’t done it yet cause I am slowly dying.

Long story short is I haven’t even taken a photo a week and I haven’t put on pants in nearly as long. I am sick of being useless so I figured it was time to get some damn photos up and what better than the road trip stuff I shot at the beginning of all my trips that no doubt contributed to my downfall.

My west coast road trip started with five days in LA but that is sort of cheating so we are going just going to focus on the LA to Seattle and back part of the trip. Part one features the two days I spent with the amazing April O’Neil. She’s both one of my favorite models to shoot and really fun to hang out with so she seemed perfect for this sort of thing. I actually tried to get her involved in my epic Route 66 trip but it didn’t work out, but we did go on a pretty epic day trip with Shay Laren to Murphy’s Ranch.

April and I left LA and headed towards San Francisco. The plan was to make it to San Louis Obispo and the epic Madonna Inn via the Pacific Coast Highway. It didn’t seem like it was going to take very long but when you are road tripping and taking photos and buying amazing coats it takes a lot longer than expected and we got to the Madonna Inn pretty late. Still, the Madonna Inn was so fucking epic and we got to hot tub and watch people take line dancing classes and hang out with really loud frogs. We also did a pretty great photo shoot that is gonna one day end up on WoodRocket.

The next day we woke up made our trek to San Francisco which is a much longer drive. We unfortunately didn’t get to spend quite as much time on the PCH but we did get to do stuff like hang out on a giant fucking artichoke and see a huge patriotic clam and two different whales. Oh and there was some sort of egg vending machine and we hung out a bunch in Santa Cruz and April made me play pinball for an hour which I thought was a lot but then once we got to SF she made me play pinball for maybe 4 more hours and now I want to dedicate my life to the sport which should clearly be in the fucking Olympics. WHY IS PINBALL NOT IN THE OLYMPICS?

The second, and sadly final, night of our trip was spent sleeping in January Seraph’s dungeon. It was not nearly as scary as that sounds and it was honestly quite cozy, but she didn’t tell us that we only had a key to the top lock and I managed to lock the bottom lock and we got locked out at 4am and January was asleep so we got stuck and I thought I was going to go insane but then April picked the god damn lock because she’s the best human and we got a few hours of sleep before I had to go pick up Lucy Everleigh at the airport so she could join me for part two of this adventure coming soon!

So in this gallery that you are about to look at is a bunch of 35mm shots of April and the stuff we saw. There isn’t that much nudity actually but there is some. Hopefully you will dig it anyway. Sadly an entire roll of black and white film was lost and half of that was of April and that kinda kills me. But I also shot some digital stuff that is not in this gallery. Half of that digital stuff is the Madonna Inn shoot that will be up on Wood Rocket, the other half is going to be an exclusive set just on Girls of Driven By Boredom. It just seemed like the move to make. There are also a few (3) 35mm shots that are exclusive to Girls of DBB too. So like get on that shit.

Now click here to see the 35mm photos from part one of my West Coast Road Trip featuring April O’neil!

April O'Neil

Pacific Coast Highway

April O'Neil

April O'Neil

World's Largest Artichoke

April O'Neil

April O'Neil

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Sammy In 35mm

Sometimes I get hit up on Instagram DM by some insanely hot babe who has never really done any modeling before and I get to take a ton of naked photos of her and then show them to you. It’s the best right?

Meet Sammy. If you were to imagine the sexual ideal of your average red blooded American man you would get Sammy. She is a cartoon of girl next door babelyness. She is not even my type and I would crawl over three brunette porn babes with next tattoos to get to her. God damn.

The first time I shot Sammy was a while ago and somehow I totally forgot about the photos (this keeps happening) and never published them. But the other day I needed to kill a few rolls of film so Sammy came over and we walked from Brooklyn to Manhattan over the Williamsburg bridge and shot 35mm photos along the way. We also shot a few photos in my apartment and a few in the bathroom at Sidewalk Cafe because it’s a block away from where I get my photos developed and I had about 6 shots left.

So I ended up shooting about 4 rolls of Sammy and I decided to post an all 35mm set of her because thats fun. All this public nudity is also fun. And guess what? I still have this full digital set of her to get up one of these days. Even more fun. Fucking rejoice.

And as always these photos are available in high resolution on Girls of DBB.

Lastly I should mention this is my full real post before I go out of town for two weeks. Headed to LA, SF, Portland and Seattle. Should be a blast. But more on that tomorrow…

Now click here to see all these 35mm public nude photos of Sammy!





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A Different Type Of Instagram

If you weren’t aware already Instagram finally offers support for multiple accounts at once. No idea why they didn’t do that years ago but for someone who runs a half dozen Twitter accounts this comes as great news. To get to the point, I started a new Instagram account.

Now let’s digress…

I decided to start a new account that would just be about photography. Instagram is a photographic platform but very few of the images on my Instagram are images I am proud of. 80% of them are taken with an iPhone and I always put dumb filters on them so people don’t think they are my “real” photography work. But given that Instagram is quickly becoming my most popular social network it’s becoming a reflection of what I do as a photographer.

Over on my Tumblr I post a lot of my 35mm work. I consider it to be my personal work instead of the digital stuff I shoot for a living. But on Tumblr I am followed by so many porn Tumblrs and when I post an image that I am proud of it gets very little attention unless their is nudity involved.

The same thing happens on my Instagram. If I post a photo I really like but isn’t a “sexy” photo it will get half as many likes. As a photographer that really bums me out because it means people don’t give a shit about my work they only give a shit about nudity. I mean, I get it. I am not naive enough to think my work is any good. I just have access to boob and you guys like that. Fine, but I want to do something else too.

So my new Instagram, @nateigorsmith, is going to be about photography. I will feature images of mine that I really like presented unfiltered and uncropped. Most of it will be 35mm film but I have a feeling I will sneak some digital in there from time to time. On top of that I want to feature some of my photo book collection and feature other photographers I like. It will be a place I can discuss the medium of photography and I am pretty excited about that.

But don’t worry, @drivenbyboredom isn’t going anywhere (unless I get banned again I guess) and I have a feeling the new Instagram will have sexy photos from time to time, but it’s certainly not going to be the main course. Whatever the case I have already pulled about 200 images I want to share with you guys and I got a lot more coming. Gonna post a small sample of what’s to come below. You might have seen these images before but maybe not all in the same place.

So this is going to be fun and even if I don’t ever have a 10th of the followers that @drivenbyboredom has, at least they will be followers that like my photography and not just the girls. I hope you will check it out and dig what I am doing.

Thanks and follow me at @nateigorsmith today!

San Juan, PR






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35mm Artist Portraits

For some unexplained reason I haven’t really picked up my camera recently. Not sure if it’s the winter or the holidays or what but I just haven’t had a reason to shoot. So I figured this would be a good opportunity to publish some of the outtakes from my Arts zine. I photographed a ton of artists for this, and then I also had a bunch of shots I had taken in the past that sort of inspired the zine in the first place.

Essentially this is a collection of 35mm black and white photos of artists. This gallery includes the shots that are in the zine, and some outtakes from those shoots, but it also includes a handful of photos of artists that didn’t make the zine for whatever reason. They didn’t make the zine because they are photographers or don’t make work on paper, didn’t get the art into me in time (God dammit Oliver!) or I just didn’t know them well enough to ask.  Whatever the case there are a bunch of pretty black and white photos in here that you should look at.

So take a look at the photos and then buy a copy of the zine. You need Arts in your life!

Click here to see the full gallery of 35mm artist portraits.


Lamour Supreme

Penelope Gazin

Molly Crabapple


Minka Sicklinger

Nicholas Gazin

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Prince Terrence’s Wedding – 11.9.15

I have spent my career refusing to photograph weddings, but sometimes I go to weddings and I always have my camera on me so I sometimes take pictures. A couple weeks ago I went to Prince Terrence’s wedding in Vegas and of course took some photos along the way. He got married to video director, bad ass babe and baby momma Bijoux Altamirano and it was a great time.

In less awesome news apparently my Contax T2 broke and most of the photos I took came out terrible. I got 8 rolls back the other day and the six rolls I shot on the T2 were mostly usable because of horrible light leaks and one of the other rolls was scratched somehow. Fucking wonderful.

That being said I decided to upload a gallery of 20 whole photos from the vVgas weekend because there’s nudity and their adorable two year old (Happy birthday Angel!) and people like looking at stuff like that even if the photos aren’t that awesome.

So yeah the first night was Terry’s bachelor party which was also Bijoux’ bachelorette party at the same time. Our buddy (and reality show judge) Chris Santos couldn’t make it so he got Terry hooked up with a bottle at Hakkasan which is kinda hilarious because everyone at the wedding was a too cool for school hipster and we just drank the bottle and got the fuck out of there and on to a strip club where we were waaay more out of place.

Honestly going to Sapphire with a bunch of people wearing skinny jeans and all black everything was kinda hilarious. After Terry’s best man Brad (from this band) somehow talked the strip club into giving us a free $600 bottle we all just sat there uncomfortably drinking free booze. I think other than a couple of ones (and tipping our waitress) we didn’t spend a penny. I explained to one of the girls that I have dated way too many strippers to feel comfortable getting hustled for money. She just gave me her number and told me she wanted me to take her photo next time she was in NYC.

After that I won $200 playing penny slots, Brad lost like $500 betting on black over and over again (he had his reasons) and then we stayed up until 7am eating horrible food. By the time I went to sleep I hadn’t slept in 48 hours. Good times.

The next day they got married at the absurd drive-thru wedding chapel that Joan Collins and Michael Jordan got married at (although apparently not to each other). Britney Spears also got married there which I was reminded of at least a dozen times throughout the wedding. They didn’t get married by an Elvis impersonator but there was one hanging out and they did play Elvis during the wedding which I appreciated.

The wedding reception was held at Shake Shack because of course and then we gambled more and Brad made half his money back betting on black three more times in a row while I lost about $150 of my earlier winnings playing an Ellen Degeneres slot machine which seemed like the can’t miss move. Apparently her slots are not as loose as I hoped.

Also in these photos are some boobs cause why wouldn’t there be? It’s fucking Vegas.

Click here to see all 20 of the 35mm photos from Prince Terrence & Bijoux’s wedding in Las Vegas!

Prince Terrence's Vegas Wedding

Prince Terrence's Vegas Wedding

Prince Terrence's Vegas Wedding

Prince Terrence's Vegas Wedding

Prince Terrence's Vegas Wedding


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“Arts” Zine Pre-Order!

On November 7th the Zine Friends zine fair returns to Cotton Candy Machine in Brooklyn and this time I am gonna be part of it. I covered the last Zine Friends and this time they asked me to be a part of it. I had a great time and bought some cool stuff but I am a photographer and nearly everyone else involved is some sort of drawers or somethin’. I figured I would have to come up with something special for the fest.

So I bring you “Arts’ a zine about people who draw real good. I photographed nearly 20 of my artist friends on black and white 35mm film and then got them to send me art of theirs for my first really collaborative project. It’s got art and portraits from tattoo artists, graffiti artists, painters, illustrators and cartoonists. It was a lot of fun to shoot and put together.

The zine is limited to 150 copies and is only $10! It comes out at the fair on November 7th but you can pre-order it now. You can also get a copy with a 5″x7″ print of your choice of artists which might be cool if you were into one of these artists.

Also, unrelated to the zine I put together some grab bags on my Etsy store featuring a DBB tote bag, shot glass, some stickers and buttons and your choice of signed zines. So perhaps if you wanna get a copy of “Arts’ you could get a bunch more stuff for just $15 more.

Lastly, here’s a list of the artists:

Buff Monster, Molly Crabapple, Matt Crabe, DAZE, Day By Day, Blanda Eggenschwiler, ELLE, Erik Foss, Nicholas Gazin, Penelope Gazin, Lamour Supreme, Sheila Marcello, Eddy Segal, Amy Shapiro, Minka Sicklinger, SMURFO, Nate Turbow & Wizard Skull!

Now go get your hands on a copy!


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“Same Old City” Zine Pre-Order!

The New York Art Book Fair is coming to NYC on the 18th of September. As a huge photo book nerd and zine collector it’s one of my favorite times of the year. Last year aside from dropping way too much money on books I met Mike Krim of Paperwork NYC. He’s published some amazing zines, several of which I owned before meeting him, and we clearly have some similar ideas about photography.

In January he asked me if he could sell some of my stuff at his table for the LA Art Book Fair and he and my buddies Mint & Serf invited me to join the art show that they did around the fair. I was an awesome experience made more awesome by the release of Fuck LA.

Fuck LA was my LA Art Book Fair exclusive zine that contained my craziest photos from my trips over the years to LA. It came signed and numbered and with a print and I only made 50 of them. They were expensive but I still sold about half of them art the book fair and another 10 via pre-order and then I upped the price and put the rest on my Etsy store and they sold out quickly. The whole thing was really fun and pretty much paid for my flight out to LA.

So with the New York Art Book Fair coming up I decided I should do a similar release that will be sold again at the Paperwork NYC table along with Dinner With Igor and Food Tattoos. The book is called “Same Old City” and it’s a collection of some of my craziest 35mm photos from my 9 years in NYC.

It’s horizontally oriented which is a bit different from my previous books and zines. There are only 100 copies being made and 25 of those will be signed and numbered and come with a print of my friend Sarah Lee flashing me in front of the J Train. The zine combines some of my work from These New York Streets with a bunch of nudity and random insanity. Think street photography + boobs + fighting.  Good times.

In order to pay for the printing I am releasing only 9 pre-orders of the limited edition. They are $40 which is the price they will be at the Art Book Fair and any that don’t sell will go back online for $50 after the fair so ordering now guarantees you a copy and saves you $10 if they don’t sell out at the fair. There’s only 25 total and me and the designer are both keeping one so you are down to 23. Just saying…

In totally unrelated news I realize I haven’t updated Girls of Driven By Boredom recently so I uploaded an exclusive set of Vonka Romanov & Lea Hart shot on black and white film. I was asked to submit some photos for an “erotic” art book about lesbians and right around the same time Lea contacted me about shooting. I mentioned the project and she brought her real life girlfriend Vonka over and I shot a bunch of photos of them making out and other stuff. I posted a few of the photos on my Tumblr but for the most part these are completely unpublished. There will be a set of them that I shot digitally later that day but they aren’t quite as sexy as these… Click here to sign up for Girls of DBB!

And now go order Same Old City!!

Same Old City

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