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I am going to Las Vegas for the AVN Awards tomorrow so I wanted to get up some new photos before I left. For updates from my AVN Week trip, make sure you follow me on Twitter and Instagram and think about backing my new limited edition book on Kickstarter… 

One of the nice things about living in Brooklyn is that there are always a bunch of great people just a few stops away on the subway, so when I got a new camera I texted my friend Stoya and a few minutes later I was in her office trying to figure to work a digital viewfinder. 

I have known Stoya for more than a decade but we have actually only done one proper shoot. I’ve taken her photo a million times but it’s always just some random thing and it has always come out well. Stoya has been a big feature of two of my books including being a main inspiration for my book Dinner With Igor (I took a photo of her drinking a milkshake that somehow went viral) and being the first reward to sell out for my Instaxxx book Kickstarter.

So when I hit up Stoya she had been shooting all day for her new digital magazine Zero Spaces and was pretty exhausted but she was down to take some photos as long as she didn’t have to get up from her desk. I was fully down. When I got there I realized how dark it was in her apartment but this was a perfect test of the crazy ISO of my new Nikon Z6. I started out shooting at 10,000 (if you don’t know about cameras please ignore this part) which looked great before bumping it down to 5000 ISO which is still way higher than I would go on my Nikon D810 which cost nearly double what the Z6 did. When I got the photos home I realized 10,000 ISO looked great and I can’t wait to see how high I can push it. 

There’s some stuff I don’t like about the camera, but maybe it’s just stuff I am not used to yet (like the digital viewfinder), but I got this thing to shoot some video, so I guess the real test will be when (or if) I start shooting video. Still I really like the camera for portraits and I haven’t quite given up using it to shoot for events. I think I just need to get used to it.

Anyway, these photos were just a test and there aren’t a ton of them and they aren’t that exciting, I was just playing with stuff, but Stoya is great and people seem to love photos of her so I figured I would post these photos while I am out of town for a week and you can check them out in the meantime.

Speaking of the meantime, while I am gone you should totally sign up for Girls of Driven By Boredom (these photos have been there in high resolution for 24 hours or so) and back my new book’s Kickstarter. Only 50 books are left!

Now click here to see all the NSFW photos from my camera test with Stoya.




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