Public Release – 2.10.16

Last night my new zine Public came out and we had a party at Leftfield. It was real wild as expected for a party in a basement thrown by myself and Boobs of Bushwick. I hate throwing parties cause I always get annoyed at the people that don’t show up but apparently the people who did show up had a blast cause I keep getting texts and Tweets about it so I guess we did something right.

I think we did make one mistake is that we threw a party in the Lower East Side which is accessible to North Brooklyn by a train that stops running at 11:45 because fuck the MTA. So at 11:30 the party was fucking insane and by midnight it was just pretty chill. As someone who hates putting pants on before midnight it was kinda disappointing but we had several solid hours of total madness so I can’t complain too much.

Huge thanks to Prince Terrence for DJing all night, PopPorn for sponsoring Public and sending us a bunch of weird porn to give away, Kate for selling my zine topless all night, Leftfield and their cute bartenders (you too Brick) and all my friends & supporters who showed up last night. Also thanks to Hannibal Buress who decided he hadn’t partied hard enough at Mardi Gras and came by the party pretty much right after his plane landed. Go watch his new Netflix special already.

I think that’s it. Obviously you should order your copy of Public. I will be here packing them all up tonight and watching hockey. If you pre-ordered one don’t worry they will be shipping tomorrow.

Now click here to see the crazy NSFW photos from the Public zine release party at Leftfield.


Kate & Stephie

Hannibal Buress

Thank God For Lunchbox

Ginger Is In The Zine


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