Prince Terrence’s Wedding – 11.9.15

I have spent my career refusing to photograph weddings, but sometimes I go to weddings and I always have my camera on me so I sometimes take pictures. A couple weeks ago I went to Prince Terrence’s wedding in Vegas and of course took some photos along the way. He got married to video director, bad ass babe and baby momma Bijoux Altamirano and it was a great time.

In less awesome news apparently my Contax T2 broke and most of the photos I took came out terrible. I got 8 rolls back the other day and the six rolls I shot on the T2 were mostly usable because of horrible light leaks and one of the other rolls was scratched somehow. Fucking wonderful.

That being said I decided to upload a gallery of 20 whole photos from the vVgas weekend because there’s nudity and their adorable two year old (Happy birthday Angel!) and people like looking at stuff like that even if the photos aren’t that awesome.

So yeah the first night was Terry’s bachelor party which was also Bijoux’ bachelorette party at the same time. Our buddy (and reality show judge) Chris Santos couldn’t make it so he got Terry hooked up with a bottle at Hakkasan which is kinda hilarious because everyone at the wedding was a too cool for school hipster and we just drank the bottle and got the fuck out of there and on to a strip club where we were waaay more out of place.

Honestly going to Sapphire with a bunch of people wearing skinny jeans and all black everything was kinda hilarious. After Terry’s best man Brad (from this band) somehow talked the strip club into giving us a free $600 bottle we all just sat there uncomfortably drinking free booze. I think other than a couple of ones (and tipping our waitress) we didn’t spend a penny. I explained to one of the girls that I have dated way too many strippers to feel comfortable getting hustled for money. She just gave me her number and told me she wanted me to take her photo next time she was in NYC.

After that I won $200 playing penny slots, Brad lost like $500 betting on black over and over again (he had his reasons) and then we stayed up until 7am eating horrible food. By the time I went to sleep I hadn’t slept in 48 hours. Good times.

The next day they got married at the absurd drive-thru wedding chapel that Joan Collins and Michael Jordan got married at (although apparently not to each other). Britney Spears also got married there which I was reminded of at least a dozen times throughout the wedding. They didn’t get married by an Elvis impersonator but there was one hanging out and they did play Elvis during the wedding which I appreciated.

The wedding reception was held at Shake Shack because of course and then we gambled more and Brad made half his money back betting on black three more times in a row while I lost about $150 of my earlier winnings playing an Ellen Degeneres slot machine which seemed like the can’t miss move. Apparently her slots are not as loose as I hoped.

Also in these photos are some boobs cause why wouldn’t there be? It’s fucking Vegas.

Click here to see all 20 of the 35mm photos from Prince Terrence & Bijoux’s wedding in Las Vegas!

Prince Terrence's Vegas Wedding

Prince Terrence's Vegas Wedding

Prince Terrence's Vegas Wedding

Prince Terrence's Vegas Wedding

Prince Terrence's Vegas Wedding


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