Mariachi El Bronx – 3.19.10

So The Bronx are an LA punk band you have probably heard of. For some crazy awesome reason they released a traditional Mariachi album and now they play both punk sets and Mariachi sets under the name Mariachi El Bronx. I think this is all very brilliant but instead of telling you about their show at Mess With Texas I am going to instead tell you the story of how I came to know of the Bronx.

I had heard of the Bronx before, but only because friends of mine dig them.  I had never heard them or anything until last summer when I was in LA. I had been hired to shoot a Vice Mag party in NYC but I couldn’t do it because I went out to LA to shoot both a porn convention and a marijuana convention by the LA Weekly.  One night after the porn convention I was talking to Burning Angel star Jessie Lee.  She told me that Vice was having the same party in LA as they were in NYC and we should go to it.  Her friend Jorma was DJing.  So we head out there and Jorma thought he could get her in but not me and she didn’t want to stand around alone while he was DJing.  So we got in line but the line wasn’t moving.  In front of us I heard some hot girls talking about how they had gone to the porn convention and were talking about how ugly the girls would.  I took slight offense to this as porn girls are my peoples, and asked them if they thought Jessie was ugly.  They said she was hot and asked her about porn stuff.  Turns out they were Jorma’s friends too and couldn’t get in.  Right then someone came by with info on another party so we decided to fuck the Vice party and head there.  I had a 2 door compact rental car, but some how we fit 7 people in it with four in the back seat and one person in the trunk.  We went to this party that had tons of free booze but no one was there and it smelled like gasoline.  We left within five minutes and headed to some bar.  I hit it off with two of the girls and I started making out with both of them.  Jorma then showed up and it turns out he was the drummer for the Bronx and that he and I have a ton of mutual friends.  He was friends with the girls I was making out with so everyone was getting along.  We had a lot of fun at the bar, but the kids we had just met wanted to go hit up their friends bar to see if they could get free drinks before last call.  Jessie and Jorma wanted to go back to Jorma’s house.  I had the only car so I didn’t know what to do. Jorma offered to take a cab but somehow I felt that wouldn’t have been cool since he didn’t live that far away.  We fit all 8 people in my two door rental car, with Jessie and Jorma in the back.  I drove them two his place at Dodger stadium, but in the 5 minute drive all hell broke loose and Jessie got into this big argument with the girl I was most friendly with and they threatened to fight each other and this whole thing. It was probably the most fun night I have ever spent in LA.

Long story short, after that I became friends with Jorma on Twitter and have been meaning to see his band.  I finally got a chance to see them as Mariachi El Bronx, and you can click here too see all the pictures of them at SXSW.  The end.

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