This Is Rabbit

When I went to LA I had these grand plans of photographing all these naked girls that I know from the internets. I set up a bunch of shoots and one by one I got canceled. After the first week I was in town I had shot exactly one girl and had nine shoots canceled. It was pretty infuriating. Then, towards the very end of my stay, something happened. I just had a bunch of people I had no intention of shooting hit me up. I had Dana DeArmond hit me up completely randomly, Andy San Dimas reach out to me after I had given up shooting her months ago, and I got a random Tweet at 2 am from Rabbit.

I actually followed Rabbit on Twitter but I wasn’t sure who she was. When I first signed up I followed probably 300 random people just to get shit started. One of the things I did was follow a bunch of random Gods Girls.  Rabbit was one of them. I read her Tweets once in a while but I really had no idea who she was. Then out of no where one night she sent me a Tweet asking if I wanted to shoot with her. I responded back that if she could come over right that second I could shoot her.  Fifteen minutes later she was naked in my kitchen. We just did a quick shoot but I actually think the shots came out okay.

The next day she convinced her friend Eden to finally shoot with me and I drove to Bell Air to meet them for what turned out to be one of the weirdest fucking evenings of my life… but we will save that story for another day.

For now, click here to see all the naked pictures of Rabbit in the kitchen of an apartment I subletted in Koreatown. They are NSFW of course and if you want to see more you can check out Rabbit and about a million other naked tattooed girls on Gods Girls.


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