Hair Of The Three Legged Dog – 3.17.17

What’s this? Another SXSW post while SXSW is still happening? Yeah, that’s a thing but this one is gonna be way shorter than the last. Yesterday I finally got to work for my favorite client Sailor Jerry. I have shot the last few SXSWs for them but this year we only did the one event but it was a fun one.

The Austin Chronicle throws a party every year called Hair of the Three Legged Dog named after their office dog Hank. Bands play and money is raised for Austin Pets Alive. Sailor Jerry sponsored and so did Fleshlight which was kinda amazing.

I wasn’t there the whole time but with two stages I got to see a bunch of bands. Think No Think was playing when I got there and the end of their set was real fun. My friends White Mystery played after that and they are always fucking great. Black Lips played after them and while their band has changed a bunch since the last time I saw them they were still a good time. Creepoid played inside after that. I met them last year after seeing them play for like one song so it was cool to see them play a full set. And finally I caught Telle Novella play on my way out. Good vibes all around. Oh and Al Lover played a bunch of records.

Plus as an exciting bonus for you guys shot a couple of portraits Sailor Jerry brand ambassador Daniel “Gravy” Thomas as well. Okay, enough delicious 92 proof spiced corporate branding, let’s look at some photos!

Click here to see all the photos from the Austin Chronicle’s Hair of the Three Legged Dog SXSW Day party at Barracuda! 

Black Lips

White Mystery

Telle Novella

Daniel "Gravy" Thomas



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Sailor Jerry House Concludes – 3.15.14

The last day of the Sailor Jerry House SXSW takeover of Gypsy Lounge was about two things for me. 1) Trying to make it through the day without dying and 2) Getting good shots of the Dum Dum Girls getting tattooed. I had been a few hours of sleep for 10 days at this point and was losing my mind. I didn’t know how I could look at another band much less photograph them. The next day I ended up getting really sick and taking a nap that ended up lasting 13 hours. I was done.

BUT the Dum Dum Girls were headlining the day party and getting tattooed after and I knew that was my money shot. My friend and Spin told me they wanted shots of them getting tattooed and I thought Noisey was going to come by. They didn’t but still wanted photos. I ended up getting shots of them on Spin, Noisey, Rolling Stone and So It was in fact my money shot. Personally my favorite Dum Dum Girls shot was of Dee Dee taking a selfie even before I knew she was in the Dum Dum Girls (even though I have met her and photographed them twice – I just have a horrible memory). But yeah, cool girls, fun show and their photos made Sailor Jerry super happy with me and that’s the whole point of all of this right?

The highlights of the rest of the day involved finally seeing my pals White Mystery, getting to see Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys play Sonic Reducer, plus performances by Youth Code, Cosmonauts and the Residuals who I hung out with all week long. King Dude headlined but after I took like five photos of them I got the fuck out of there, edited photos and was about to go to sleep when everyone from Sailor Jerry came home and I ended up staying up all night anyway. Oh well, eventually I slept and the whole week was a blast! Can’t wait to do it again next year!

And that’s it! All of my 2014 South By Southwest coverage is done! I did shoot a bunch of 35mm stuff which will be making appearances on my Tumblr starting as soon as I pick up the 10 rolls of film that are currently being developed.

But until then click here to see all the photos from the final day of the Sailor Jerry House SXSW takeover of Gypsy Lounge! 

Ps. RIP Dave Brockie. You will be missed Oderus!

Dum Dum Girls Get Tattooed

White Mystery

Dum Dum Girls

Phil LaRocca Tattoos Babes

Dee Dee Dum Dum Selfie

Justin From The Residuals & Cheetah Chrome

Keep Austin Wizerd

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Cobrafest 2013

I am back from my insane road trip! If you somehow aren’t aware I spent 31 days on the road driving from Detroit to Chicago and then taking Route 66 from there all the way to LA. From there I drove up to San Francisco and then drove back across the country to Chicago where I spent several days photographing Sailor Jerry’s Pitchfork Music Festival after parties AKA Cobrafest. I finally drove back to Detroit and then flew home on Tuesday. I spent a couple days sleeping and recovering and trying to catch up on emails.

I have mostly recovered and although I might take another couple days off this weekend, I am ready to get back to work. We are going to start things off getting all the Cobrafest photos up. Keith Underwood and Jason Hoodrich from Taylor Street Tattoos gave out Sailor Jerry flash tattoos all three days. Tons of bands played and DJs spun outside.

I already did mini updates on the road trip blog about all three days of Cobrafest at Cobra Lounge if you want to know more about the events, but I will give you quick break downs right now.

Cobrafest Friday: The Bronx headlined and absolutely destroyed the place and my friends in Habibi were awesome as well. The People’s Temple and Thing played as well and there was a pretty sweet dance party outside. All of Habibi got tattooed and I got a tattoo as well. My dad raised me on Jimmy Buffett so I got a dead parrot head tattoo as a secret homage to that upbringing.  Click here for photos from Cobrafest Friday.

The Bronx

Keith Underwood Tattoos Habibi

Cobrafest Saturday: The night featured The Growlers headlining with Toxie, Heavy Times and Denney & The Jets all performing as well. Most of the Growlers got tattooed as did Denney and his girlfriend. Saturday seemed like the most chill of the days probably because there was so much other shit going on that night but the Growlers and local favorites Heavy Times still brought out a pretty packed crowd. Click here for photos from Cobrafest Saturday.

The Growlers

Sailor Jerry Dance Party

Cobrafest Sunday: Sunday was my favorite day specifically because there was a Yacht Rock party with a water slide that made for awesome photos and a lot of cute tattooed girls in bikinis and a lot of Hall and Oates being played outside. My pals White Mystery played and opened up for King Dude and Chicago’s own Hollywood Holt spun outside. Nones and Rainbow Gun Show opened the night and it ended with two cute girls driving me to the place I was crashing. Nothing but awesomeness all night. Click here for photos from Cobrafest Sunday.

Water Slide Babes

Hollywood Holt

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The Rest Of SXSJ

We are in the home stretch! We just have two more South By Southwest updates! Today I bring you the rest of the Sailor Jerry take over of the Gypsy Lounge. This update is a mix of three parties plus a few other shots in between. We start with the opening night party which featured my homies White Mystery and a ton of other bands. The next day Natural Child Family Band headlined and Sailor Jerry’s own Justin Pittney’s band the Residuals played their first of three SXSJ shows. They killed it so check them out. On Thursday during the day Shannon & The Clams headlined a big show featuring the Jacuzzi Boys and a ton of other bands.

Aside from the bands there is a ton of photos of people getting dart board tattoos from “Downtown” Terry Brown. He tattooed all day, every day and gave people more shark and anchor tattoos than you could ever imagine. He also tattooed some of the bands with some different Sailor Jerry designs that weren’t picked by throwing darts. He even hooked me up with a tiny bird! Pretty rad.

Anyway this update has so many pictures, so many bands, so many tattoos and so many cute girls and rocker dudes drinking Sailor Jerry… Also that dude from the Counting Crows. At the very least you should scan through the pictures because there is a lot of South By Sailor Jerry madness inside!

Click here to see the rest of the photos from the Sailor Jerry takeover of the Gypsy Lounge!

Sailor Jerry Bartenders

Natural Child Family Band

Oliver Peck & Girlfriend

White Mystery

Terry Brown Tattoos A Hot Dog


Look At This Tiny Horse!!

Shannon & The Clams

Hot Dogs!

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Cobrafest Day 2 – 7.14.12

Cobrafest at Cobra Lounge continues! If you want to find out more about the Pitchfork Fest after party check out my last post about Cobrafest Day 1. No time for a recap we gotta get these Chicago pics up before I get on a plane back to NYC! Let’s do this!

Cobrafest day two was my favorite day and I was psyched about it as soon as I saw the bill. White Mystery were playing and they have become pretty good friends and they are an amazing rock and roll band from Detroit. Habibi was opening up the night and they are this sick rock and roll band full of hot babes that is from Brooklyn and played with my punk band Fucking Bullshit at White Mystery’s record release party back in April. I was psyched to see them both. It was no coincidence that 5 out of the 6 members of Habibi and White Mystery were of the female sex because Saturday night at Cobrafest was ladies night. As soon as I walked into the Sailor Jerry airstream it was filled with hot rock and roll babes. I got to meet the Coathangers and Heavy Cream and they all became my new best friends. Keeping with the theme they are both epic rock and roll bands filled with rad girls who I want to hang out with all the time.

Nick Colella of Chicago Tattooing Company tattooed hot girls (plus Dirty Beaches and Youth Lagoon) all day and I sat around and took pictures in between running back to the stage to listen to amazing bands. It was a pretty epic night. I was on very little sleep but I didn’t even notice until I sat down at 4am to edit pictures. Long live rock and roll.

Click here to check out all the pictures from Saturday night at Cobrafest at Cobra Lounge in Chicago, IL.

The Coathangers, Habibi & Miss Alex White

The Coathangers

Dirty Beaches Getting Tattooed


2012 Cobrafest

Heavy Cream Band

2012 Cobrafest



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More Fucking Fucking Bullshit

I know you are probably pretty sick of hearing about my punk band Fucking Bullshit but too fucking bad we are playing again tonight and I gotta tell you fuckers about it until every person I want to see us has finally seen us. And yes, I have a list and if you are on it, you are probably fucking dead to me for missing our last 10 shows. You know who you are.

Anyway, we are playing tonight at 9pm opening for a bunch of bands and some sort of crazy trapeze show or something at what I believe is a circus called Big Sky Works in Williamsburg. I met this sick rock band called White Mystery a few months ago and they asked us to open for their record release party which I am psyched to be a part of.  The show costs $10 but I am sure all the bands will be amazing and there will be tons of weird stuff.  Also my best friend who started a punk record label with me when I was 15 is going to be there and I HAVE to put on a fucking awesome show for him if no one else. So yeah, click here for more info on the show and make sure you show up on time. Doors are at eight and we go on right at nine. Be there or be fucked.

Also there are pictures from our last show if you want to check them out. Coach Mike Pics has a gallery here and Tod Seelie posted his gallery here.  And I posted a few of my favorite of Tod’s shots below. Enjoy.

Fucking Bullshit

Fucking Bullshit

Fucking Bullshit

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Mess With Texas

Mess With Texas is a three day event that happens during South By Southwest. I was there the whole time and it was the bulk of the stuff I shot during South By Southwest. Normally if I had so many pictures from one event I would break it down into several posts but I am on the road and I don’t have time for such things so this is going to be one MASSIVE gallery.

The event was sponsored by Sailor Jerry so they brought in one of the best old school tattoo artists in the world, Oliver Peck, to do Sailor Jerry tattoos on people. He tattooed a bunch of musicians during the three days including Theophilus London, Stalley, members of White Mystery, Fidlar, The Crocodiles, Dum Dum Girls, Skindred, Passion Pit and a bunch more that I am sure I would have remembered if I had slept more than 4 hours any day in the last two weeks.  Oliver even tattooed a little bunny on me.

I don’t have time to get into the whole fest, but you can see the line up and I will hip you to my favorite acts.  I had seen Fidlar before but they were awesome again. This other punk band Ceremony was fucking awesome as well. I thought Saturday’s headliner A$AP Rocky lived up to the hype and Dinosaur Feathers are a New York band I am looking to see again when I get back home.

Anyway, I gotta figure out where I am gonna sleep today so I will leave you with this MASSIVE gallery MWTX.

Click here to see all 500+ pictures from Mess With Texas.

Dee Dee Of The Dum Dum Girls Gets Tattooed By Oliver Peck

Theolphilus London Neck Tattoo


Alexa Chung

A$AP Rocky



Fildar Vs Oliver Peck

Alysha Nett



Chill Black Guys

White Mystery

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Sailor Jerry Presents: The Dirtbombs – 12.17.11

My old pals Sailor Jerry decided to throw a party at The Gramercy Theater and they had The Dirtbombs and White Mystery play. The Dirtbombs are a pretty legendary band so I expected them to be awesome but White Mystery were a pleasant surprise. I had never heard of them but it turns out we have a bunch of mutual friends and they pretty much kick ass. The party was such a good time that I stayed an hour later than I was supposed to and Santa Clause showed up and got drunk on Sailor Jerry. You cannot fuck with that. I gotta go shoot some pics for XXL Magazine in a bit so I gotta make this quick.

Click here to see all the shots from the Sailor Jerry Presents: Dirtbombs/White Mystery party at Gramercy Theater.

The Dirtbombs

Drunk Santa

White Mystery Live

Nick Gazin

White Mystery

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