Cobrafest Day One

So right now there is this Pitchfork Music Festival happening in Chicago. I went last year. I didn’t have a super great time so I don’t think I am going this year, although if someone gave me a pass it would be hard for me not to make an effort to see R Kelly. Anyway, not the point. The point is, my favorite client, Sailor Jerry Rum, is throwing after parties again. Cobrafest at the Cobra Lounge happened last year and it was a blast. Things kicked off last night and so far so good.

My girls Habibi were playing for the second year in a row and I love them. They all live in my neighborhood and they are all babes and they make awesome music. How can you not love them.

Sailor Jerry was giving out free tattoos again so Keith Underwood gave three of the four Habibis tattoos. He also hooked me up with one. I had him take a sweet drawing Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins did of a parrot and cut it’s head off and then tattoo that to my arm. I am pretty psyched about it.

The Bronx headlined and I was pretty psyched about that because I am friends with two of the dudes in that band but I have never seen them. I did see their Mariachi band once but never their proper punk band. They were fucking awesome and destroyed the place. There was crowd surfing and moshing and total madness for a full hour.

The People’s Temple and Thing also played and they were awesome but I didn’t really meet them or anything so I can’t tell you pointless stories about them. But yeah, rock and roll and stuff.

Here are a few photos for now, but I will post the full gallery when I get home next week.

Update: Day One photos here!

The Bronx


Secret Jimmy Buffett Tattoo

The Bronx

Keith Underwood Tattoos Habibi

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