Trail Of Dead, The Coathangers & Hussle Club – 11.16.12

When I was in Chicago this summer I met this awesome band called The Coathangers. They are a really good band made up entirely of hot girls who also happen to be really good. I almost never buy music anymore and a couple days after I met them I went out and ordred two of their records. When I saw they were on tour I wrote down November 16th on my calendar. Yesterday was the 16th and I googled where they were playing and I saw that they were at Irving Plaza and they happened to be playing with both …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead and my good friends Hussle Club. I was psyched. I hit up the Village Voice and they got me a photo pass and it was on.

Hussle Club opened and they were rad as always. Seeing them in a place like Irving Plaza with great sound was awesome. They have a new 7″ single out and they gave me a new shirt. Score. Next up was the Coathangers. I was psyched to see them and they all remembered me and let me lurk about in their dressing room taking photos which was cool. They were awesome live even though for whatever reason they played in almost total darkness. I know Hussle Club asked Irving Plaza to keep the lights low for them but it didn’t make much senese for an up tempo rock band full of hot ladies. I got some okay shots anyway.

Finally …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead headlined and the packed crowd was psyched. I know one of the guys, Jason Reece, because he is an owner of Beauty Bar Austin when he is not being a rock star. He is a great dude and always went out of his way to make sure I had a good time in Austin so I was really excited to check out their band. I knew people loved them but I didn’t actually know what they sounded like until last night. They were great and I was glad I finally got to see them.

The whole show was a great time and all of the bands killed it so you can’t ask for much more. Unfortunately I had to deal with something so I had to leave about 30 minutes into Trail of Dead’s set. Still it was well worth the trip into the city and the Village Voice is playing me for it so everything came up Igor. Good times.

Click here to see all the photos from …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, The Coathangers and Hussle Club at Irving Plaza.

Trail Of Dead Backstage

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead In NYC

Jason Reese From Trail Of Dead

Backstage With The Coathangers

The Coathangers

Backstage With Hussle Club

Hussle Club @ Irving Plaza

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Hussle Club – Children Of The Underground

Hussle Club - Children Of The Underground

My dude Prince Terrence is at it again. The debut Hussle Club EP, Children Of The Underground, is out for free thanks to Scion AV. If you follow this blog you know about Hussle Club already and if not all you need to do is click here for a little refresher. As scary as it is to brand music and art with corporate logos it’s great when you can find someone to sponsor a release so you can just give it away instead of trying to sell it to people who are just going to download it for free somewhere anyway. This record is rad and you need to click here to download it for free.

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Hussle Club Mishka In-Store – 1.21.11

On Friday night Hussle Club did a in-store appearance at Mishka’s 350 Broadway flagship in Brooklyn. I was on my way into the city to drop off a bunch of rolls of film from my trip that I needed to get developed.  I had a bout 10 shots on the roll of film that was in my camera and I thought that stopping by their  in-store would be the perfect way to finish off the roll.

They were scheduled to play at 7pm and I had to be in the city by 8.  Unfortunately they didn’t start playing until about 7:40 and since I knew that I couldn’t shoot much of their set I figured I would just burn the end of the roll and then jump in a cab. I caught about two of their songs and they sounded really good as a scaled down three piece. I actually haven’t been to any of the other Mishka in-stores but the sound was actually really good. Oddly it might be the best, soundwise, I have heard Hussle Club. Plus no one got iced this set…

Anyway, I finished the roll and made a break for the city and made it to my film lab (Luster for those who care) by 7:58pm.  Perfect timing.  So usually I leave you guys with a whole gallery of photos, but instead I just picked out three of my 10 shots and posted them below.  Sorry about the lack of gallery but I hope you enjoy some of my 35mm snap shots.

I will be posting tons of my 35mm snap shots from my Vegas/LA trip over the next week on my Tumblr so make sure you are following that.  If you aren’t into Tumblr I feed all my tumblr stuff to my Twitter so you can just follow that.  If you aren’t on Tumblr or Twitter you probably don’t know how to turn on a computer and you probably can’t read this, so I won’t stress it too much.  See you guys tomorrow!

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The Death Set Vs. Hussle Club

Two of my favorite local band The Death Set and Hussle Club both played Lit on Friday night. I brought one of my best friends from LA who had been drinking since 3pm and he managed to almost get in a fight with about a dozen of my friends so I had to end my night right after the The Death Set played but at elast I got to see the bands. They were awesome as always and the show was fun as hell. But it’s fucking Labor Day weekend and you guys are all out enjoying your summer so I am going to do the same so I will just shut up and  you can look at the pictures and be pisssed off you weren’t there. Unless you were there…

Just fucking click here to see photos from the Hussle Club/Death Set show at Lit Lounge on Friday.

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Hussle Club VS. The Death Set – 6.2.10

Project Fathom put on a party on Wednesday at the Knitting Factory to celebrate the release of new music videos by the Death Set (Far Weathered Friends) and Hussle Club (Good Morning Midnight).  They also premiered the Knife Fight No  Rules documentary and of course Hussle Club and The Death Set played some rock and roll.

I was feeling really sick because there are kittens living with me and I am horribly allergic to them.  Lack of sleep combined the terrible decision to shotgun a Monster energy drink combined to destroy any enjoyment I might have had from what was an awesome fucking show.

Hussle Club went on first and did their dark wave dance to the delight of everyone in the crowd.  During their set I Iced Prince Terrence and he was forced to get down on one knee and chug a Smirnoff Ice.  He drank few swigs of it and then spit it all over the crowd creating a sticky mess and some blurry photos. Still, it was pretty fucking funny.

After that the Death Set went on and got the crowd moving.  There was stage diving and moshing and that whole thing.  I was just trying to cling to the stage because I felt like I might pass out any minute. They were awesome, but I wanted to die.  Near the end of their set the brought the entire crowd on stage for two songs.  Suddenly the show got so much better. The Death Set need to be surrounded by the people.  It took the show to an epic level…. plus I got much better photos from on stage… After that they kicked everyone off, closed with a Nirvana cover and Johnny smashed his guitar on stage. Fucking awesome.

So now what you need to do is to click here to see the photos of Hussle Club, and then click here to see the photos of the Death Set and then click over here to see all the photos from the party. I know that is kinda confusing, but go fuck yourself.  This is my blog and I’ll do what I want.

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Hussle Club – 3.19.10

Hussle Club played their first (or maybe 2nd) show in NYC while I was at the airport headed to Austin for the first week of SXSW.  I was there for film, but most of my friends wouldn’t get into Austin until the next week for the music part of the conference. I was really mad I missed the first show, but knew I had to get to one of their SXSW shows.

Hussle Club, as you should know by now, is fronted by Prince Terrence.  Terry is one of my best friends in NYC and a hell of a musician.  He has always been in the background though, either drumming for artists like Young Love, Major Lazer and Santogold, or behind the DJ booth at some Lower East Side bar.  Terry finally gets his piece of the spot light and her earned it.  He put together and amazing band and is already one of the better frontmen in NYC.

I went to see them way off the beaten path at Club 1808.  It was in kinda a shitty part of Austin and I had so many people ask me for money or try to sell me something just standing outside of the club, but it was the Mishka showcase so I had to be there.  When they went on I didn’t exactly know what to expect.  Terry was wearing knee high goth boots and I had heard them described as “dark wave” which I really have no idea what that is.  To me they sounded like almost a poppier NIN.  Whatever it was, it was fucking awesome. Terry ran around pouring Mad Dog 20/20 all over himself and picking up monitors and smashing mic stands.  The rest of the band fucked shit up as well, save for Carol Sharks (who I just at breakfast at Juniors with a few hours ag0) who is the calming influence of the band. They just put on an amazing show and everyone in the crowd left impressed.  If that was their third show I cannot wait to see what they are going to be like after touring for a few months.  It should be epic.

The photos are fucking awesome, so click right here to see them all.

See you guys tomorrow with shots of Ninjasonik & Hollywood Holt… probably…

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Introducing Hussle Club

Prince Terrence has been sending me tracks from his new solo project Hussle Club for a few months now but I just noticed that he finally got his MySpace page up and the word is he’s looking for a bad ass female drummer. It must be weird for Terry to search for a drummer considering his drumming has been making bands like Young Love, Santigold, Major Lazer, HeartsRevolution, Spankrock look good for years. With a resume like that added to his reputation for killing parties from the DJ booth you know that Hussle Club is going to be huge.

Evidently I have signed some sort of blood oath I was not aware of and can’t release any downloadable tracks until they do an official release, but as soon as they do you will know about it. In the mean time you can stream songs on his page and check out a Felix Cartel remix over here.

Plus as a bonus, I did a reedit of one of my shots of Terry to fit the black and white Hussle Club aesthetic.

Hussle Club

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Trash Turns Ten – 2.10.12

While it’s true that I don’t go to the Trash party at Webster Hall very often it still has a very special place in my heart. A few months after first moved to NYC I went to the Trash new years eve party on December 31 2006. I was hooked after that. I started shooting the party regularly and I have shot it over 80 times in the last 5 years, by far more than any other party. When it was at Riffi it was my favorite party in New York. Things are a little different now that it’s at Webster Hall but there is a whole new group of kids who fucking love that party and are there every single week. DJ Jess has done an amazing job keeping this party relevant for a decade and I had to be there for his 10th anniversary party.

I had to get on a train at 3am but I took all my shit with me to Trash on Friday. I couldn’t miss this event. My boy Prince Terry’s band Hussle Club opened up the night and I got to work right away shooting them. After that I bonded with a bunch of old friends who I hadn’t seen in ages and some new ones I had met recently. It was a great time.

I had to leave around 2:20AM but right as I was leaving they were getting ready to go with what I am sure was one of the best burlesque shows Trash has ever seen. I am not a huge fan of burlesque but I have shot enough to know what I like and what I don’t. Stormy Leather and Madame Rosebud are two of the five best burlesque performers in NYC and probably the whole damn country. They cannot be fucked with. I have seen them both do their thing many times but never on the same night. Added to that was Sarah Screams who is Joanna Angel’s sister and has pretty much the greatest butt that ever was. She is a god damned professional opera singer and gets naked and sings shit that will blow your mind to a beat that DJ Jess produced. It was a damn shame I missed it all. Fortunately I took pictures of them getting dressed back stage so you get that NSFW fun in your life. Don’t worry. I care about you people.

Once again congrats to DJ Jess and everyone who has had a part in Trash over the years – Brendon James, Twig and Alex Malfunction especially. It’s been a great time hanging out with you guys the last five years. Thanks for letting me be part of the family.

Click here to see all the pictures from the Trash 10th Anniversary party at Webster Hall.

And as a bonus click the numbers to see pictures from the 7th, 8th and 9th aniversaries of Trash!

DJ Jess & Alex Malfunction

Trash 10th Anniversary

Madame Rosebud

Hussle Club

Trash 10th Anniversary

Stormy Leather

Trash 10th Anniversary

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Boy N Girl Party – 5.21.11

My homie Pablo has a band called Boy N Girl and he keeps trying to get me to come see them which is what people in bands do.  He’s a good dude and pretty weird looking so I figured his band would be pretty nuts.  Last night I was just really looking to get out of the house right when I got a text from him announcing the first of perhaps many Boy N Girl parties at the Panda Lounge on the LES. My boy Chad Dubz was DJing and there were going to be cupcakes. How could I pass this up?

I headed down there around 1230 and Boy N Girl were just setting up for a mini stripped down set they were doing. The spot wasn’t packed or anything but it was a fun crowd and I was excited to see them do their thing. Unfortunately the sound was fucking nightmarish and their first song was basically all feedback.  Pablo and his partner in crime Bella powered through their short set list anyway and actually got an encore despite the shitty sound. Pablo put down his guitar and rocked it standing up. It was pretty great.  Clearly I need to see them again for real but it was a good first impression.

Oh, did I mention that Bella is insanely hot, has possibly the greatest boobs ever invented has a sexy accent and kept talking about sluts? Yeah, clearly you need to see Boy N Girl and luckily for all of us they are playing Sunday with the homies Hussle Club and Trouble Andrew at the Canal Room.

While we wait for their show, click here to see all the pictures from the very first Boy N Girl Party at the Panda Lounge.

Pablo Pleeeez Of Boy N Girl

Bella Of Boy N Girl

Chad Dubz

Get Active

Naked Cupcakes

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