Teddy Blanks’ Lonely Sinner

When Teddy Blanks released his album Therapy I loved the album but I didn’t love the track Lonely Sinner. At first listen my least favorite track on the album. I generally prefer Teddy’s higher energy tracks and Lonely Sinner is kinda slow and pretty chill. I didn’t hate it, but at first it just wasn’t for me… and then something happened. Every time I listened to the song it would get stuck in my head and I would find myself singing it hours later so I started listening to it over and over again. The part where the beat drops out at the end of the song before the last hook might be my favorite bit on the whole album.

So when I heard Teddy would be filming a video for Lonely Sinner I was pretty excited. It was directed by M Blash who directed the SXSW hit The Wait.  I met and photographed him during the festival this year while he was promoting the film so I thought it was that he and Teddy would be collaborating. The video is a weird one with Teddy dancing around his apartment in drag for most of the video. He explained to Interview Magazine that the song was based on the character of a transexual pop singer a film called the Exhibitionists that Teddy did the score for. He even bleached his eyebrows for the video which really adds an amazing touch of creepy. The whole thing is pretty amazing.

Anyway, check out the video below and give it a few chances. This song is a damn hit.


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