See Some Of My Arts Saturday

I have so many photos that exist in the world yet very rarely does anyone ask me to put them on walls. That seems like a mistake cause they look pretty awesome outside of a computer. And once in a while people actually buy my photos. Just today my photo in the The Dirty Show in Detroit sold. Huzzah. Coincidently two of my photos are in shows/parties tomorrow (Saturday).

My friends over at Troma are doing a fundraiser for the follow up to their insane documentary about the Cannes Film Festival. They have raised over 20k over on Indigogo and hopefully they will raise a bunch of money tomorrow. I photographed Troma founder Lloyd Kaufman for the cover of the Village Voice and one of the photos from that shoot plus a copy of the Voice the photo is in will be on sale. The event is all day long from noon to 2AM so you have plenty of time to come by and check out all the Tromatic art. The show is in the Lower East Side at Culture Fix. Occupy Cannes!

The other show is more of a party but there will be a bunch of art on the wall. My friend Chris over at Brooklyn Wildlife is doing a Valentines Day themed party/art show¬†and I put a photo of me having sex in a bathroom in it. Seriously. It’s not super graphic, you can only see my hand in it, but it’s a lot edgier than anything I would post on Driven By Boredom despite the lack of any actual nudity. It’s a pretty hot shot and it should be a fun party. The party is at Free Candy Gallery in Crown Heights.

The flyers are below. Hopefully I will see you guys Saturday!

We Cannes Do It Love & Eros

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