Nü Godd & Fusion Babies – 6.23.23

I starting taking photos in the mid 90s because when I was 15 I started a punk record label and I wanted to photograph the bands on that label. I pretty much photographed nothing but bands for a decade. It was all I wanted to shoot. But at some point it started feeling like work and I would shoot the same photos everyone else would have because everything was “three songs, no flash” photo pit bullshit. I just felt like 99% of music photography was so fucking boring and I just didn’t want to do it unless I was getting paid, but on Friday I went out and shot some bands just for the fun of it. 

I was actually curious the last time I shot a band just for fun and I had to scroll back 49 pages on this website until I found a Ho99o9 record release show I shot in LA in 2015 just for the pure enjoyment of it. More recently I shot an ICP show in Brooklyn in 2017 which I might have not been paid for but was for my larger juggalo book project that I swear I will finish one day. The interesting thing about those two shows is that if ICP and Ho9909 had a baby, that baby would probably be Nü Godd.

The other night my buddy Suitcase Joe sent me a text. “My friends band are playing NY in a few days and I’m giving you a heads up because you might want to shoot them. They’re a bunch of sex crazed anarchist punks who dress like clowns.” My curiosity was sparked and after he sent me a link to the IG accounts of Nü Godd & Fusion Babies I knew I was gonna have to do it. In my career I am best known for shooting punk bands, subcultures, insane clowns and sex workers and suddenly you are gonna combine all that shit and bring them to a venue that’s 15 minutes from my apartment? Fuck it. I’m in.

When I got to TV Eye Zacazama was just getting on stage. He was playing an Oscar the Grouch sample and wearing a trash bag over his head that was decorated with clown makeup. He was also wearing a high vis jacket that made it impossible to shoot flash which I appreciated but I also only shot a few photos of him and then sort of wandered around looking for clowns for photograph.  After that a clown named Tony Tulips came out and juggled and got naked and then Fusion Babies came on. They were very up my alley musically were a lot of fun to photograph. They shared a couple members with Nü Godd who played after, and were on tour together so it kinda all felt like one performance even though the band were very different. It was all chaotic punk influenced clown madness and it was absolutely a good time. Both bands were great to photograph, and the crowd was just as much fun to photograph as the bands. I think because they were touring together and had a ton of people with them that it really felt like the local punk shows I went to when I was in high school where there wasn’t a huge crowd but everyone knew all the songs because everyone was friends and played with each other over and over again. I really enjoyed it even if I was twenty years older than everyone there. Would 100% stage dived even with my fucked up back if there were a few more people there. Maybe I will get a chance to see them in LA one of these day when I am out hanging out with Suitcase Joe. 

This show was the second time in a week that I was out past 3am and man I kinda miss that shit. It’s nice being real domesticated but I need a little more weird middle of the night madness in my life so I can take photos of it. I don’t wanna be one of those old photographers whose work starts to suck (even if my band shots suck, I honestly need so much practice to get back into it). Happy to feel inspired right now and that my back is a little bit better… Oh and did I mention that the Gathering of the Juggalos is in less than two weeks? More clowns coming soon!

Now click here to see many more higher res photos photos of Nü Godd & Fusion Babies at TV Eye.

Nü Godd 

Clown Photo Booth

Fusion Babies

Technically Not Juggalettes

Nü Godd

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