2022 #MetLifeTakeover – 10.9.22

I realize that two Miami Dolphins themed updates in a row is not what you are looking for from me, but it’s just a coincidence. Our video from our event last year came out like 10 months late and now I have new photos from you from last weekend so here we are with back to back posts about Dolfans NYC, the charity I helped found around watching football games. 

The main event of the year is the #MetLifeTakeover, a gathering of Dolphins fans centered around the Dolphins annual trip to MetLife Stadium in New Jersey to play the Jets. We do a party the night before the game and then we throw a huge tailgate party and we organize big blocks of seats so everyone can watch the game together. This year we had our biggest year yet with over 1400 people sitting together. 

During the two day event we did a series of raffles and fundraisers and ended up raising close to $7000 for charity and that doesn’t include the money we make off the event and the merch we sell. This year we have already donated over $10,000 to different causes. It’s honestly one of my favorite things I do if life, even if the Dolphins cause me so much pain. 

I don’t need to go on an on about this but you can look at some photos if you want. I still haven’t fixed my site because I don’t know how to fix it so we are stuck with Flickr, and since I already put these on the Dolfans NYC Flickr I am just gonna link to that gallery. 

These pictures aren’t my finest work because I was throwing a massive event while I was taking them, and just shot some stuff here and there, but it’s still pretty exciting to see how many people showed up to a tailgate in New Jersey.

Click here to see the photos from the 2022 #MetLifeTakeover.

2022 #MetLifeTakeover

2022 #MetLifeTakeover

Nat Moore Signs Autographs At The 2022 #MetLifeTakeover


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